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TExES Certification Testing - Former Students

The Which Exam Do I Take outlines which certification exams teacher candidates must take and pass to be eligible to be certified. The STR Certification and Testing FAQs are a list of questions asked by former students.

Certification Testing Policies

Test Approval Policy for Finishers: Due to state certification testing and program changes, a UHD student who finished our teaching program and graduated more than 5 years prior to their request for testing will not be recommended for testing or remediation support for certification. If the Texas Education Agency (TEA) develops a policy concerning this matter, UHD will follow TEA code. If you have tested and have not been successful on any attempt, you will need to complete remediation before retaking your certification exam.

Science of Teaching Reading Preparation

Complete 240 Tutoring for Science of Teaching Reading (293) preparation for $39.99/month.

  • Students are required to complete the diagnostic exam first for one test attempt only, then the study modules, and finally the practice test. A minimum score of 90% is required on the Science of Teaching Reading (293) practice test. Also please note that you will only have three practice test attempts available in 240 Tutoring.
  • Documentation (Study Guide Progress Report, Diagnostic Test Score Report, Practice Test Score Report, and Certificate of Completion) in pdf format, must be emailed to before being eligible to request Science of Teaching Reading test approval.   If you are having difficulty with locating your certification of completion you should contact 240 Tutoring directly for assistance.  Note: you will need to submit all four forms of documentation before you eligible to submit a request for test approval for the Science of Teaching Reading certification exam.

Probationary Certification

Probationary certifications will be expiring soon.  TEA has created W-Pro Communication to assist those candidates whom this affects; this document will explain next steps. 


  • The TExES Road Map outlines which certification exams teacher candidates must take and when they are eligible to take the exams.

  • Request approval to take your certification exam(s) by completing the TExES Registration Form
  • All exams have course and/or preparation prerequisites. If this is not your first test attempt for an exam, there may also be additional remediation requirements. Check with the Certification Officer ( for specific information.
  • Test approval is valid for 90 days. After 90 days the Certification Officer removes approval, and you must request test approval again. Additional preparation or remediation may be required.
  • If you do not pass an exam, or a part of an exam, you must complete remediation and submit documentation to the certification officer (via the test approval form)
  • Please contact the Certification Officer ( for specific information.