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Degree Requirements


Application Deadline

Fall admission only: August 7th

Required Courses

EDL 5310 - Foundations of School Leadership (3)

EDL 5320 - School, Family, & Community Engagement (3)

EDL 5330 - School Law & Ethics (3)

EDL 5340 - Educational Systems & Talent Management (3)

EDL 6350 - Leading Teaching & Learning (3)

EDL 6370 - Action Research for School Improvement I (3)

EDL 6375 - Action Research for School Improvement II (3)

EDL 6380 - Educational Leadership Internship I (3)

EDL 6360 - School Culture & Communication (3) 

EDL 6390 - Educational Leadership Internship II (3)

In congruence with Texas principal certification requirements, students seeking principal certification through the MEDL degree will be provided the foundations for the skills and knowledge required to prepare for the following exams:

  • Principal as Instructional Leader (TExES 268) Certification Examination
  • Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL 368)

Certification Note:

No principal certifications will be granted through this program. For specific TEA requirements to become certified as a principal in the state of Texas, See the Texas Education Agency website: for more information. For information on standards related to the certificate program, please see:


The Department of Urban Education (UE) Teacher Education and Certification programs are governed by regulations from the Texas State Legislature, the Texas State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). Any new rulings or changes made by any of these entities in interpreting the rulings on educator certification may supersede the requirements of a student's existing certification plan (Urban Education (UE) Department Policy, 2001).

Admission Application

All applicants submit admissions materials via UHD GRAD Portal and to the Office of Graduate Admissions ( All students must meet the application deadlines in full in order to be considered and accepted for the following admissions cycle.

Transfer Credits

No more than six hours of equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred from other accredited universities. A minimum grade of Bis required in any completed courses that students wish to transfer. Petition for transfer credit is required to be submitted for review by the graduate student and approval comes from the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Committee's review of the course equivalency. Transfer credit is by permission only and is not a right of the student.

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