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College of Public Service

  • Welcome New Faculty & Staff to the College of Public Service!

    Learn more about our new faculty and staff by reading some brief biographies.

  • Dean Van Horn and students talk during Gator Preview Live
    CPS faculty, staff, and students answer your questions during Gator Preview Live!

    This interactive event was presented online to prospective students and provided information about transferring credits, registration, financial aid and academic offerings.

  • Henry Gonzales Criminal Justice Alumni
    Alumni Success Stories

    Alumni Henry Gonzales is appointed Executive Director/Chief Juvenile Probation Officer of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

  • joanna fernandez
    UHD's Youngest Graduate Shows that Age Has No Boundaries

    Joanna Fernandez completes a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at only 19, the youngest bachelor's candidate.

  • Beginning in Spring 2018, the Urban Education Department will offer a certification track for EC-12 Special Education

    Interested students should contact Dr. Ash Tiwari to receive information about this certification.

  • What do you value from your experience in the College of Public Service?

    "Joining a team, then becoming a family!"  - Anonymous graduate

  • UHD/NASA Conversation with Astronaut Joe Acaba

    Urban Education students in UHD’s College of Public Service learned how to be effective STEM educators with the support of NASA’s Office of Education and veteran teacher Acaba.

Why should you choose University of Houston-Downtown for your Public Service Degree?

Reason No. 10

At UHD, we understand that a Public Service career isn't "just a job." Rather, it is a calling pursued by individuals passionate about helping diverse populations, communities and the environment.

Reason No. 9

We believe that an educated society creates thoughtful policy and humanistic practices for the betterment of its diverse constituents.

Reason No. 8

We constantly update our programs through curriculum plans developed in partnership with public service leaders. This approach ensures that our graduates can successfully compete in the job market and excel as leaders within the Public Service community

Reason No. 7

We offer flexible learning options to accommodate your schedule. We offer several online, hybrid (online with some classroom attendance required), and weekend courses.

Reason No. 6

A UHD Public Service degree will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate effective resolutions for public and public service issues on a local, national and international level.

Reason No. 5

Our Criminal Justice curriculum provides for the development of critical skills in criminal justice planning, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that the management and administration of the criminal justice system is effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of the community

Reason No. 4

UHD has an outstanding reputation for producing quality teachers. Our Urban Education Program is respected by employers and offers unique, field-based teacher training that exceeds other programs in the region.

Reason No. 3

Our Social Work program is accredited by the Council of Social Wo​rk Education​ (CSWE), and offers a curriculum designed to engage students in dynamic research that will improve the quality of our area schools and justice institutions, and instill scholarship, integrity and responsibility in tomorrow's leaders

Reason No. 2

Our Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice will equip program graduates with the skills needed to provide leadership, critical thinking, and knowledge in the areas of criminological theory, program evaluation, and criminal justice administration.

And Reason No. 1 we believe you'll want to get your public service degree here:

We strive to engage in dynamic research to improve the quality of our area schools and justice institutions, and instill scholarship, integrity and responsibility in tomorrow's leaders.

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