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Bachelor of Social Work

Social Work
Bachelor of Social Work

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Here’s How Houston Is Fighting Homelessness — and Winning

Khena Minor, who works for Houston’s Coalition for the HomelessKhena Minor, graduating senior who works for Houston’s Coalition for the Homeless.

Dallas and Houston are two Democratic bubbles in Texas that have long faced the familiar urban ache of homeless people slumped on sidewalks and camping in parks. Both cities tried to address the challenge. But smart policy matters far more than good intentions. In Dallas, homelessness worsened for years, and that city now has the most unhoused people in Texas. Meanwhile, the Houston region has slashed homelessness by more than 60 percent since 2011...

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Dr. Goins and students from the 6th AARP Aging Symposium
Robin Dr. Goins and students at the 6th Annual AARP Aging Symposium

​​UHD's Bachelor of Social Work program prepares future Social Workers as change agents committed to inclusion, equity, and justice through innovation, collaboration, and service.​ You'll be able to make a difference for good in schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, juvenile justice systems and more. And at UHD, we offer flexible scheduling, smaller class sizes, and faculty mentoring to help you achieve all your educational goals

Woman holding a bag of apples at a food bank.


Bachelor of Social Work


To create a community that heals, nurtures, and enhances well-being for all people.


The UHD BSW Program prepares future Social Workers as change agents committed to inclusion, equity, and justice through innovation, collaboration, and service.


The BSW program at UHD focuses on preparing a generalist social worker so that upon graduation the student is prepared to work with clients in a variety of settings. Social workers operate in schools, hospitals, mental health, juvenile justice settings, and more performing tasks such as case management, client advocacy, and counseling.

The program goals are:

  1. Model a caring and collaborative educational environment where students, faculty, and staff are valued for their strengths, background, and life experiences.

  2. Provide opportunities for students to gain awareness of their thoughts and feelings and critically reflect on their alignment with social work values.

  3. Equip future social workers for anti-oppressive practice and leadership in diverse communities through innovative classroom practice and learning.

  4. Nurture intellectual curiosity, demystify graduate education, and promote community through professional organizations for life-long learning and service. 

Degree Information

The following four-yearyear degree plan is based on the UHD 2016-2017 academic catalog. Students should meet with a UHD Academic Advisor to develop their own plan.

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