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Retail Management Certificate

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The Retail Management Certificate Program developed by the University of Houston-Downtown's Center for Retail Management is designed for non-degree seeking students who want to advance their careers in retail management. This program is focused on the skills necessary by persons responsible for the day-to day operations of a retail business. The curriculum taught in this course has been carefully scrutinized by a committee comprised of multiple to single-store owners and large corporations across the entire spectrum of retail outlets, including the retailing of services to ensure that it is relevant to retailing in today's retail environment.

The program is comprised of 12 sessions delivered online. Each session consist of a webinar and online curriculum that includes reading materials and activities. The webinars are approximately seventy-five minutes long and consist of a lecture from a retail industry professional.

Once the participant has completed all 12 sessions, a competency exam will be given. If needed, the student will have several opportunities to demonstrate competency for the course. Once the student has passed the test, the Certificate in Retail Management will be awarded. Individual sessions can be taken by people who are not interested in obtaining a certificate in retail management.

Schedule: Continuous enrollment - Enroll any time that's convenient to you.

Course Fee: $250.00

Access for the course: THREE months

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