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IT Online Courses

clocks, books coins, Work Friendly, Real world knowledge, unbelievable pricing

With massively engaging content, Hollywood style HD content delivery, and passionate instructors that live and breathe IT, our online classes are designed and inspired by eliminating everything we despise about traditional, boring online and classroom training.

The methodology “bridges the gap” between traditional web-based training and traditional classroom training by allowing each of its students to access their training in both a LIVE (virtual classroom) and OnDemand format for the entire duration of their term of service. As opposed to a traditional “boot-camp” course whereby the student is attending their course for 8 hours a day over multiple days, we typically delivers each LIVE class over two weeks, Monday – Thursday, for two hours each day, allowing the student to digest the material and thereby maximize long-term retention.  Full-circle approach to training includes Live Virtual Labs*, books, practice exams*, and mentoring support.

* where applicable