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Set Test Timer

When you deploy a test or survey to a content area, you set the availability and feedback options. To make changes to the options, access its contextual menu and click Edit the Test Options or Edit the Survey Options. Set a time limit for finishing a test. Type the amount of time in the hours and minutes boxes. During a timed test, the time elapsed is displayed to students. As students approach the time limit, a one-minute warning appears. When an attempt is complete, student completion time is available in the Test Information section.

Editing the Test Timer

1. Locate the test you’ve created and click on the contextual menu icon next to the test’s title.

a screenshot of the Test in Blackboard

2. Choose Edit the Test Options.

a screenshot of the Test Action drop down menu expanded with Edit the Test Options selected

3. Scroll to the Test Availability section and locate the Select Timer option.

a screenshot of the Set Timer options

If a student saves and exits the test, the timer continues. For example, if he begins the test on Tuesday, saves and exits it, then completes it on Thursday, his completion time will be 48 hours.
If you set the timer, turn on Auto-Submit to automatically save and submit a test or survey when time expires. Without enabling auto-submit, students have the option to continue after time expires. Tests are flagged as submitted after the timer expired. You have the option to adjust the grade based on the time.
You may find it advantageous to use the Set Timer options and not the Force Completion option. For example, if a student loses his internet connection for 10 minutes on a timed test, at least he can access the test again and continue. If you enabled the Forced Completion option, he cannot access the test again and must contact you to reset the test.
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