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Canvas Student Resources

Decorative banner welcoming Canvas to UHD.

Welcome to Canvas!

UHD is transitioning to a new Learning Management System called Instructure Canvas. This system will replace Blackboard. As part of the transition, there will be no more classes offered in Blackboard. Starting in Spring 2024 all classes will be in Canvas.

We encourage you to start exploring Canvas now. You can log in to Canvas as a student even if your classes are not in Canvas. Here are some getting started suggestions:

  1. Watch a quick 4-minute overview video of Canvas:
  2. Download the Canvas app and set all your notifications
  3. Start checking out the Canvas resources

Student FAQ's about Canvas

Visit the How to submit an online assignment?​​ page for steps on the process of uploading an assignment.

visit the H​ow d​o I view my feedback in my assignments?​​ page for steps on the process of viewing assignment feedback.

Yes, you will use the same Respondus browser that is utilized in Blackboard. When you first open the browser you can specify which LMS you will be using it for, choose Canvas instead of Blackboard.​

You can follow the steps provided in the Respondus installation​​ guide​​ for further assistance.​

Any wireless device that supports wireless standards such as 802.11b, g, n, ac will be able to connect to UHD's secure wireless network.​

You can follow the steps provided in the UHD Wireless guide for further assistance.​

Duo authentication will be required to access the Canvas LMS at this time.

You can follow the steps provided in the DUO FAQs guide for further assistance.​

Make sure you visit the Canvas Student FAQ​ page for more information on Canvas.

Access Canvas at log in with your UHD Username and password. (example: gatore9). This usually consists of your last name, first initial, and/or a number.


Helpful Student Resources


UHD Canvas Support

Contact the UHD Canvas Support team for questions on how to use Canvas or its integrated apps. M/F 8-5 support if contacting by phone.



Canvas Training Videos

New to Canvas? Training videos are available through the Canvas Community Student Videos portal.



Respondus LockDown Browser

The University of Houston-Downtown will continue to use Respondus as the preferred secure testing environment. If you already have LockDown Browser installed for Blackboard you will not be required to reinstall. Install the latest version of the Respondus LockDown Browser.