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Perusall: Collaborate With Other Instructors

If you have added readings and assignments to Perusall and wish to share these items with another instructor, Perusall makes it easy to do so by providing a Copy Code. Adversely, you may also copy content from another instructor's Perusall course also by using a Copy Code

We will explore both options in this document: (select the link below for the process you would like to complete)

Share Perusall Content with Another Instructor

If you want to share Perusall content with another instructor, you can provide them with a Copy Code:

1. Click the entry point to your Perusall course.

Link to Perusall Course Homepage now appears in Blackboar

2. Once in Perusall, go to Settings and then select the Access tab.

3. Locate the copy code. This is the code you will provide to other instructors so they can copy documents, assignments, and settings to their own course.

Persuall copy code

Copy Perusall Content From Another Instructor

When copying Perusall content from another instructor, you will first need to acquire the Copy Code from the other instructor. Then you will need to create a Perusall entry point in your Blackboard course: (Note: If you already have a Perusall entry point, you may skip to step #9)

1. Login to Blackboard and then select the course where you would like to use Perusall.

2. Select or create a content area where the link to Perusall should appear.

3. Once in the Content Area, click Build Content and then select Perusall.

Select Build content and then select Persuall from the menu


4. This link you are creating is your access point to Perusall. Most likely, you will want this link hidden from students. Name the link Perusall Course Homepage, or similar.

5. Provide a description if needed.

6. Do NOT Enable Evaluation.

7. In the Options area, select No for Permit users to view this content.

8. Click Submit.

9. The new Perusall link will appear in your content area, click it and you will be taken to Perusall.

Link to Perusall Course Homepage now appears in Blackboar

10. You should see the Perusall Get Started Page.  Fill out your course settings and then click Save Changes.

11. From inside the Perusall course, go to the Library and click on Add Content. 

12. From the list of options select, Materials from another course.From the Library tab select ad content 

13. Select the Copy from: Another Instructor's course, using a copy code (If you want to share the content of the course but not student data, you can provide a "copy code" to another instructor so they can copy your course. The copy code is found under Settings > Access.)

14. The option to type or paste a code will appear. 

Add copied code to the Copy Code field

15. Enter the complete code. This will cause Content to copy and Assignments to copy to appear. Select which content and/or assignments you want to bring into your course. 

16. During the course copy process, you can select Adjust all deadlines. 

17. Select the due date for the first assignment; all additional due dates will be calculated from the first assignment.

18. Click on Save Changes and the selected assignments, comments, and course settings will then transfer over to your new course.

Addjust dates and other settings. click save changes




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