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Using LockDown Browser with Canvas - Student Instructions

​Instructors may require students to use Respondus LockDown Browser to take quizzes and tests within Canvas courses. Students will need to first install and then run LockDown Browser in place of their usual browser to take the quiz or test.

While using LockDown Browser to take a test, certain functions are prevented, including the ability to print, copy/paste, and switch applications. Students should only use LockDown Browser for tests that require it. Otherwise use your regular browser.

When to Use LockDown Browser

Tests requiring LockDown Browser will include wording on the test’s link “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser.”

A test in  canvas, with Lockdown Requirement
IMPORTANT! Students attempting to take a LockDown Browser test in any other browser will see the message below.

Message: This quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser. Pleas launch Resondus LockDown Browser to take this quiz or view results

Installing LockDown Browser

Student PCs on campus will have LockDown Browser already installed. If an icon for LockDown Browser is not already on the desktop, go to Start > Programs > Respondus and LockDown Browser can be started from there.

On personal computers, use the link below to install LockDown Browser:​

Your system information will be detected, ensuring that the LockDown Browser installation file is the right one for your system. Mac users will therefore automatically be given the appropriate install file.

Full system requirements can be found here:

installation requirements

Before you click Install Now, consider viewing the short video in the Before You Install section for more information on LockDown Browser and what it does.

* While Chromebooks will work across most all applications across UHD, Chromebooks will not work while taking an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.

Taking Your Test: Classic Quizzes Vs. New Quizzes

Classic Quizzes​

You will know the version of the test that you are taking based on the symbol of the rocket ship that's visible in the course. If the icon is the outline like its pictured below, you are taking a Classic Quiz:

 Outline of rocketship showing Classic Quiz type

When you are ready to take your test, close all applications on your computer and open the newly downloaded software. Do not open any other browser to access the internet. Use Respondus LockDown Browser to access the internet.

1.  After opening the Software, you may be asked to select a server. Select UHD Canvas.

When Asked to Select Server, slect UHDCANVAS

2. Respondus will try to close any open applications on your computer.

3. Login to Canvas.

4. Select your class, navigate to your exam and begin taking your test.

New Quizzes

You'll know you're about to take a New Quiz in Canvas if the rocket ship icon is solid, pictured below:

solid colored rocket ship icon, denoting new quizzes in canvasThe process to take a quiz in this format in LockDown Browser is different than Classic Quizzes, so please ensure to follow these instructions to be able to take your exam. 

  1. For New Quizzes, you'll start in your normal Web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari), login as normal and navigate to your course. 
  2. Launch the Quiz that needs to be taken in LockDown Browser
  3. New quizzes will launch LockDown Browser for you and take you right to your exam

Best Practices for LockDown Browser

  • See System Requirements​
  • Tests should be accessed through links deployed in Canvas Modules. Do not access tests through What’s Due in the To Do module or from Due Date links in the Calendar tool.
  • Sufficient bandwidth and other resources should be made available. Tests should not be taken on wireless devices.
  • Make sure you set aside enough time to take the exam without interruptions.
  • Timed quizzes begin once a student begins the exam and do not pause if the student navigates away from the quiz.
  • Take your exams in a quiet area.
  • Review the Student Honesty Policy


For additional support, Email​​