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Best Practices for Online Testing in Canvas (for Students)

Before The Test/Quiz

Know Your Due Date

Know your DUE date and time. If your instructor gives you a time block of one, two, or several days to complete an exam/quiz/test, DO NOT wait until the last minute to do it.

Know Basic Computer Specifications for Canvas

Ensure you have the minimum technological requirements needed for Canvas.

Check Your Browser

You may visit the Browser Checker and Device Requirements page to do a browser check for Canvas. Use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers for the best user experience.

Allow Pop-Ups from Canvas

Pop-up blockers may interfere with the normal functioning of Canvas. If you have pop-up blockers, you must disable them or allow pop-ups from Canvas.

These instructions will show you how to allow pop-ups in the most common internet browsers.

Use a Hard-Wired Connection When Possible

It is strongly recommended that you use a hard-wired connection plugged directly into your computer instead of a wireless connection when taking quiz.

A wireless connection will work but is NOT recommended because small fluctuations in your internet connectivity may interfere with the exam. If needed, move to another computer that has a wired internet connection.

Students can also take tests on campus, if interested more information is available at our computer labs information page.

Use the Right Device

While Canvas is functional on mobile devices, using them does not offer the same level of reliability or security as provided by a desktop or a laptop. We strongly recommend that you complete any assignment, test, or quiz on a more stable internet connection with a desktop or laptop.

Close All Windows and Applications

Only open the Canvas quiz browser window. Do not have any other browser windows or programs open while taking quizzes. Other programs and browsers can interfere with your Canvas quiz. Do not leave the quiz page while taking the quiz (for example, to view course materials or another Web site). Do not close the browser window while taking the quiz

Check and Double Check the "Available Until" date!

The available until date is the point when you no longer take the quiz. Some quizzes may not have availability dates, but if they do and you're in the middle of a quiz when the availability date arrives, the quiz will force-submit and you won't get to finish.

This is different from the due date—if you submit a quiz after the due date, your submission will be marked late.

Review Respondus LockDown Browser Information

If your instructor requires the use of Respondus LockDown Browser or Respondus LockDown Browser with monitor to complete a quiz, be sure install the software and review the information below before taking the quiz:

If your instructor has a practice quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser, take the quiz to ensure your software is running smoothly and without problems.

Clear Your Cache

It is recommended that you clear the cache on your browser before starting a test to mitigate potential problems.

During The Test/Quiz

Be Mindful of the Side Bar Containing the Question List

If you get bumped out in the middle of the quiz, your instructor may allow you to go back in and resume it. If you are able to resume the quiz, it will start back at the beginning. However, you can find your way back to the question you were on by checking the question list above the timer on the sidebar.

If you remember the question number, simply scroll down to it and click on it. If you don't, a checkmark next to the question means you answered it, so simply scroll down to the first question without a checkmark.

Watch the Timer

If this is a timed quiz, keep track of the timer. You will get a warning when you have 1 minute remaining in your quiz time.

Contact Your Instructor

If you are disconnected from your test session for any reason, you should close your browser, re-start the browser, and go back to the test in Canvas. If your instructor permits, you will be returned to the test question you were just viewing. If your instructor selects only one attempt for the exam, you cannot reenter a test. In such a case you must contact your instructor first regarding this. Make sure to include details as to what caused the problem.

Contact UHD Canvas Support to Report a Problem

All technical issues with Canvas tests and/or quizzes should be reported to UHD Canvas Support at (713) 221-2786. Be sure to contact your instructor first!

Support hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. For support issues beyond these listed times, email or leave a message for the next business day.

Detail the Issue

If you run into an issue during your quiz, take note of all the details as to what caused the problem. Take a screenshot if possible (Windows InstructionsApple Mac Instructions).

For additional support, email