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Alternative Certification Program (ACP)

UHD Department of Urban Education

(For candidates who began the UHD Alternative Certification Program in Fall 2022)


Alternative Certification is a program that allows those with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university to pursue initial teacher certification without completing a traditional teacher certification program. At UHD, ACP students apply and are considered post-baccalaureate (PB), but coursework is taken at the undergraduate level. Therefore, students pay undergraduate tuition. Applicants considering financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility. Please note that the Texas Education Agency prohibits students from being enrolled in more than one educator preparation program. Applicants that have begun or are enrolled in another program will not be eligible for admission.


Application Deadline
Fall admission only: July 15th
Admission Requirements
1. Bachelor's Degree must be awarded by application deadline to be eligible for admission. Submit all official transcript(s) including one which depicts an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited university and any graduate credit earned.
2. Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and subject area GPA of 2.5 are required.
3. Submit university admissions application via Go Apply Texas. Apply as a "Transfer Student" and choose "Non Degree Seeking" as the major. 
4. Submit the ACP Application through TK20. ACP Application Instructions (pdf)The application for Fall 2022 admission will be available in TK20 beginning May 2.
5. Complete and submit the ACP Recommendation Form in TK20. 
6. Interview

Phase 1: Pre-Internship Candidacy (Semesters 1 and 2)

After being admitted to the program as a candidate:

Students applying for Fall admission will complete the following coursework during their first two semesters

Certification Areas Fall Spring
Core Subjects EC-6 w/ESL Supplemental BED 3311
ESL 3303
ETC 3301
EED 3312
PED 3305
PED 4380*
READ 3303
Core Subjects EC-6 w/Bilingual Supplemental BED 3311
ETC 3301
READ 3317
EED 3312
PED 3305
PED 4380*
READ 4306
Core Subjects 4-8 w/ESL Supplemental BED 3311
ESL 3303
ETC 3301
EED 3322
PED 3305
PED 3315
PED 4380*
Secondary (all subject areas) SED 3302
SED 3307
SED 3312
PED 3305
PED 4380*

*Course requires 6 hours per week (60 clock hours total) of fieldwork in an assigned public school

  • Pay fees associated with university coursework, tuition, books, etc.
  • During second semester courses, apply for a one-year teaching internship in your grade and certification area at a Texas Education Agency accredited school.
  • Once you have secured employment give UHD's Teacher Education Certification Compliance Coordinator the contact information for your HR Rep Internships should begin in August

Phase 2: Securing Employment for Internship

  • See Assistant Director, Graduate Studies to register for SOSE 4304: Current Issues in Urban Teaching to be taken with internship and pay necessary tuition and fees
  • After the State of Eligibility has been received from the HR Rep at your hiring district, UHD's Teacher Education Certification Compliance Coordinator will inform you to pay for the appropriate one-year intern or probationary teaching certificate and fingerprinting through your TEAL account
  • UHD Department of Urban Education then recommends candidates for appropriate intern or probationary teaching certificate

Phase 3: Internship (Semesters 3 and 4)

  • The internship is for one school year
  • An intern is the "teacher of record" with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of any other teacher in Texas [Texas Education Code 13.306(2) and 13.037(a)] and must abide by the Teacher Code of Ethics (Texas Administrative Code 19.7§247).
  • Candidate pays to UHD a $4,000 internship fee to UHD Cashier's Office (payment plans available) 
  • Each candidate is supported by a mentor teacher on her/his campus, university faculty during SOSE 4304, and a UHD field supervisor
  • During the one-year internship, candidates must:
  • Attend required professional development seminars/workshops
  • Pass the TExES EC-12 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam (if not previously passed)
  • Successfully complete state and school district appraisal requirements
  • Be recommended for certification
  • Submit an e-portfolio for the internship year

Phase 4: Following Internship

  • Apply and pay for your standard teaching certification through your TEAL online account
  • Complete UHD Recommendation Request Form

Alternative Certification Program candidates must:

  • Comply with the Teacher Educator Code of Ethics (TAC 19.7.247)
  • Understand that, as state guidelines change, program revisions occur to ensure that the UHD Urban Education Alternative Certification Program remains in compliance with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas Education Agency (TEA) regulations and guidelines. 
  • Realize that students are responsible for keeping up with revision that affect individualized degree plans. Students should contact their advisor regularly and monitor the TEA website for teacher certification changes.


For More Information Contact
Dr. Diane Miller
Graduate Program Director or 713-237-5417

Kory Kilgore, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Graduate Studies or 713-221-2714