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  • Dr. Burnett in the classroom

    Saturday TExES Boot Camp

    Preparing for your certification exams? Sign up for the Saturday boot camp series covering Core Subjects EC-6 (Math, Science, and Social Studies), Bilingual Supplemental, ESL Supplemental, PPR EC-12, and BTLPT. 

  • Dr. Miller mentoring middle school students

    Urban Education Students Mentoring Middle Schoolers

    Thanks to the University of Downtown's Urban Education Department, a group of female Arnold Middle School seventh and eighth graders are receiving additional guidance to help them transition to high school. 

  • Mayra Hernandez: Leading in Education, Transforming Teaching

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    For The Latest News

    ​This is the place for the latest news for Urban Education in the College of Public Service at UHD.

  • College of Public Service

    Urban Education at the College of Public Service

    ​Find out what major suits you in the department of Urban Education.

New Certification Option: The Department of Urban Education now offers coursework leading to Core Subjects EC-6 with Special Education and ESL Supplemental. This certification track began in spring 2018 and is for those interested in preparing to work with students with special needs. Interested students should contact Dr. Ash Tiwari at 713-226-5252 or for more information.

Urban Education

The Center for Houston's Future has rightly noted that educational attainment is the biggest predictor of success for cities and metro areas. A vibrant community requires great schools;
great schools need dynamic, highly qualified teachers.

UHD's Department of Urban Education understands and embraces its role in the greater Houston area as the intellectual and training center for teachers responsive to urban students. To assure that students in the UHD's Urban Education Department become successful urban teachers, we prepare them with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach our next generation.

We are dedicated to being partners in sustaining a strong, vibrant urban environment. To that end, UHD's Department of Urban Education certifies successful teachers who will prepare our next generations of society's leaders.

Everyone knows that schools will produce our next generation of leaders; every leader will point to a teacher who made a difference in her or his life. UHD is where those dedicated individuals became teachers.

Why UHD?

  • Houston's rapidly changing face as one of the most multicultural cities in the United States, coupled with its prominent role in the economy, health care, energy, shipping, and higher education presents an urgent need for teachers. UHD's Department of Urban Education addresses this demand by focusing on leading-edge curriculum design, innovative scheduling to meet student needs, and award-winning partnerships.
  • We continue to develop flexible course schedules responsive to working students' needs, engage in dynamic partnerships with districts to provide quality field experiences to prepare effective classroom teachers, and work with community colleges to enhance 2 + 2 programs to facilitate transfer of coursework, among other essential initiatives.
  • Our Department of Urban Education curriculum is a work always in progress. On-going conversations with students, community and business leaders, district and community college partners enable us to maintain a cutting edge, data-driven teacher preparation program.
  • UHD's Urban Education department has a successful track record of preparing urban teachers: 97% of our graduates work within 70 miles of Houston and have one of the highest five-year retention rates (87​%) in the field of urban education (the national rate is 50%).
  • Our Urban Education programs produce GREAT teachers who make a difference in the life of every student.
  • Our students actively participate in field experiences in Houston area school districts and work with diverse populations in a variety of settings, which leads to greater employment opportunities. We offer flexible learning options to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Multiple financial aid opportunities exist, especially for students interested in teaching science or math. Teachers may be eligible for loan forgiveness programs.
  • Because of the way our programs are structured, our graduates have an advantage when taking certification exams.
  • Our Urban Education programs are based on the State of Texas Guidelines mandated for teachers by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).


UHD Department of Urban Education program graduates possess the following skill sets, which potential employers consider highly desirable:

  • A strong working knowledge of general and teaching field content and pedagogy
  • In-depth understanding of appropriate instructional strategies to ensure that each child achieves academic success
  • Uses technology efficiently and productively for instructive and administrative purposes
  • Works collaboratively with others
  • Demonstrates appreciation of diversity by structuring the environment so that each child can learn
  • Ability to use effective communication skills and encourage effective communication from others
  • Demonstrates reflective practices which lead to an ever-increasing level of professionalism

Program Concentrations


Texas Education Agency

For issues or complaints about this educator preparation program, visit the  T.E.A.(Texas Education Agency) webpage, or mail to Correspondence Management, Texas Education Agency, 1701 N. Congress, Austin, TX 78701.​

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