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The Office of Study Abroad is here to help guide you through the study abroad process. We consider advising to be a collaborative process where the student is responsible for being proactive and an educated participant. We're here to be a resource for students from pre-departure, while abroad, and upon return.

Pre-Advising Questions: Students interested in studying abroad are encouraged to start thinking about their goals, the type of experience they want to have, the programs they might be interested in, how to fund the experience, and the planning process. While the Office of Study Abroad is here to advise and assist, we like to see the student take ownership of the study abroad experience and be confident in choosing the best fit path. A good place to start is to ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to study abroad? What kind of experience am I looking for? Is it for the cultural experience? Improve my language skills? See the world? Discover career opportunities abroad?
  • Where do I want to go, and why? How long do I want to be away? Summer? Fall semester? Spring semester? Or an entire academic year?
  • What's my budget? Do I have a cost range in mind? What scholarships and financial resources are available?
  • Do I want to live with a host family, an apartment, or in a residence hall?
  • Is the program satisfying specific major/graduation requirements? What kind of credit am I trying to earn? Does the study abroad program keep me on track for graduation?

First Step Info Session: Students must attend a First Step info session if this is their first time studying abroad with UHD. The Office of Study Abroad will present information on the benefits of studying abroad, how to research program options, how to finance your studying abroad experience, including financial aid and scholarships, and important considerations. Semester session dates are available, go to Steps to Study Abroad page for details.

Academic Advisor: Before meeting with an Academic Advisor, students must do their research. Review which study abroad program(s) you're interested in, how the courses taken abroad may fulfill degree requirements, and understand how study abroad may impact your graduation plan. Your academic advisor will help you identify the best time to study abroad on your degree plan, review the course titles and descriptions with you to identify appropriate courses for satisfying major requirements, and help you complete the Course Approval Form. All students who study abroad must get pre-approval for the courses they intend to take. The Office of Study Abroad does not approve courses. With the assistance of your academic advisor, it is your responsibility to get courses approved by the appropriate Department Chair. Once the academic advisor signs the form, it is then complete and ready to be submitted to your Study Abroad portal application. Email the Course Approval Form to the Office of Study Abroad, at

Study Abroad Advisor: A study abroad advisor will review the form and determine if it has been completed correctly and grants approval, signs the form, and uploads it to your Study Abroad portal application. This step will be marked as complete on your Study Abroad portal application.