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Steps to Study Abroad

What are the Requirements to Study Abroad?

All students planning to study abroad must meet the following requirements to be eligible. NOTE: Individual programs may have added or increased requirements as appropriate to the program.

  • UHD Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at the time of application to take the course or program for undergraduates; UHD Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for graduate students
  • Completed any pre-requisites
  • Be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing
  • Academic Standing: Students on academic probation or suspension as per PS 03.A.07 and PS.03.B.07 are not eligible to apply for study abroad programs.
  • Disciplinary Standing: Students currently on university probation as a result of Student Conduct Code violations may apply for Study Abroad but must have completed their probationary period and be in good disciplinary standing prior to the start of their program abroad.
  • Financial Standing: Students with a financial hold at the time of registration for their program abroad must be cleared by Student Accounts. Failure to clear a financial hold will affect registration and may restrict disbursal of any financial aid or Study Abroad Scholarship prior to the start of a student's program abroad.

Steps to Study Abroad

  1. Attend a mandatory First Step info session if this is your first time studying abroad with UHD. Learn about the benefits of studying abroad, what types of programs are available, what kind of classes you can take abroad, how the UHD Study Abroad Portal works, and important considerations.

    Spring 2024 Dates:

    Date Time Meeting ID
    Friday 2/2 2 – 3pm Meeting ID: 894 1435 8674
    Friday 2/16 2 – 3pm Meeting ID: 894 1435 8674
    Friday 3/1 2 – 3pm Meeting ID: 894 1435 8674
    Friday 3/22 2 – 3pm Meeting ID: 894 1435 8674
    Friday 4/1 2 – 3pm Meeting ID: 894 1435 8674
  2. Discuss plans with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor knows more about your unique degree plan and can help you determine how your study abroad program fits in with your academic plans.

    • Let your advisor know when you want to study abroad.
    • You and your advisor will identify which courses you still need to graduate. You will use this list to identify courses that could possibly be taken abroad and help you eventually complete the required Course Approval Form.
    • Bring the list of courses to your 1-on-1 Meeting with a study abroad advisor.
  3. Create an account in the Terra Dotta Study Abroad portal. There is no commitment to starting an application. Access to the portal will allow you to explore program options and schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor. Before scheduling a 1-on-1 meeting with a study abroad advisor, you are required to attend a First Step info session.

  4. Research programs. The best fit program is very personal. Start by considering what you want out of a program. Ask yourself: Am I eligible? When do I want to study abroad? What are my academic goals? Does this program allow me to stay on track for graduation? What personal and professional skills do I hope to gain?

    • Using the Terra Dotta Study Abroad portal you can search by different program parameters, including program and major type, country destination, and term.
    • Read the entire online program brochure for each program in the UHD Study Abroad Portal that interests you and visit each program's website for more details like cost and courses offered.
    • Click the "Apply Now" button on the program page to start an application.
  5. Schedule a 1-on-1 Meeting with a study abroad advisor. Once you have narrowed down the program, a study abroad advisor will help guide you through the application process and pre-departure steps.

    • Using the UHD Study Abroad Portal, you can schedule an advising appointment through Navigate.
  6. Review deadlines and complete the Online Application.

    • Open programs in the Study Abroad Portal will have an "Apply Now" option.
    • Complete the list of requirements and upload any additional application forms.