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6th Annual Virtual Student Research Conference

​December 7, 2021

10:00-10:20 AM: WELCOME and OPENING Remarks  

Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, Chair of the Department of History, Humanities & Languages 

Session 1: Philosophy (10:10-11:30 AM): Moderated by Dr. Andrew Pavelich

Michaela Milligan: “Nauseous-Anxiety: A Comparative Look Into the Abyss”​

Michaela Milligan is a philosophy major with a minor in sociology at the University of Houston-Downtown. She is especially interested in existential phenomenology, symbolic interactionism, and critical theory—with a particular interest in literary analysis through the lens of stated areas of interest. She is currently an undergraduate senior—just a few weeks from graduation—with hopes to continue her education at the graduate level in philosophy. ​

Emily Venegas: “Kierkegaard and Socrates: Two Gadflies”​

Emily Venegas is double majoring in Interpersonal Communication and Philosophy at the University of Houston-Downtown. She has a special interest in existentialism and Ancient Greek philosophy. She is a senior graduating December 2021 and hopes to receive a certification to become an English teacher. ​

Kennedy Foxwell: “Debating and Defining Knowledge”​

Kennedy Foxwell is a Liberal Studies major with concentrations in Psychology, Phronesis (politics and ethics), and Public Relations at the University of Houston – Main Campus. She is currently a sophomore in the Honors College, and she has a special interest in epistemology. She will graduate in May 2024 and is interested in attending the University of Houston Law School.​​​

BREAK: 11:30-11:35​

​Session 2: History (11:34-12:35 PM): Moderated by Dr. David Ryden

Ryan Nealy: “The Devil Among Demons: The Crimes of Marcel Petiot in Nazi-Occupied France”​

Ryan Nealy is a history major at UHD. He is a military veteran and has special interests in WWII History, History of the American West, and military history. He is a senior and will be graduating at the end of this semester. He plans on obtaining his alternative certification to become a history teacher.​

Stephanie Nolen: “The Twilight Sleep Movement in America as Reflection of Progressive Values

Stephanie Nolen is majoring in Social Science at the University of Houston-Downtown. She has a special interest in Women’s History. She will graduate in May 2022 and plans to pursue graduate studies in her new home state of New Jersey.​​

Short Lunch Break - 12:35-12:55

Session 3:  Spanish (12:55-1:30): Moderated by Dr. William Nowak

Johnathan York: “Imagen de la identidad española en El Escorial”

Johnathan York is a Spanish major at the University of Houston-​Downtown. He has studied and worked abroad in Mexico and Spain, and has a special interest linguistics, etymology, and the interconnections of language and our understanding of reality. He is entering upon his last semester at UHD with plans to pursue a master’s degree upon finishing and to serve as an educator in the near future.​

​​Session 4:  History and Nazi Film (1:30-2:55): Moderated by Dr. Aaron Gillette

Amanda Allen: “Ambiguous Allies: The Fluctuation of Japanese Infantilization and Agency in Arnold Fanck's The Daughter of the Samurai (1937)” ​

Amanda Allen is a graduate student majoring in History at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Her primary areas of academic interest are Japanology and East Asian Studies. She plans to complete her master's degree in May 2023 and hopes to pursue a PhD following graduation. ​

1:50-2:10 - Christen Symmons: “Boer Nightmare or Nazi Fantasy?: Notions of Imperialism in Hans Steinhoff’s Ohm Krüger”

Christen Symmons is working on her master's degree in history at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She has been a teaching assistant with the university since the Spring of 2020. Her research interests include Vietnam and the Cold War. ​

​2:10-2:30 - Kaia Flowers: “The Führer: Leni Riefenstahl’s Role in Elevating Adolf Hitler as a Deity Figure in Nazi Germany”

Kaia Flowers is a second-year graduate student in the History Department at the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s College of Human Sciences and Humanities. She received a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in education from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in 2019. She is a current Hawk Scholar and member of Phi Alpha Theta. Her research interests include the history of conflict resolution, labor disputes, and political institutions in the 20th century.​​

Break: 2:55-3:00

3:00-3:15 - Closing Remarks and Announcement of Awards for Best Paper


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