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HHL 2020 Virtual Student Research Conference

Back to the Sources: Digging Deeper

University of Houston-Downtown

December 8, 2020

10:00-10:20 AM: WELCOME and OPENING Remarks  

Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, Chair of the Department of History, Humanities & Languages with Dr. Raquel Chiquillo, Dr. Jonathan Chism, Dr. Aaron Gillette, and Dr. Paul Mandell

Session 1: Film Studies (10:20-11:50 AM): Moderated by Dr. William Nowak

1Lacey Thibodeaux:  “A Difference of Perspective: Portraying African Americans in Douglas Sirk's Imitation of Life (1959) and Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Walls (1920)"

Lacey Thibodeaux is an English major at the University of Houston-Downtown. She has a special interest in creative writing and all subgenres of fiction including her favorites of science fiction and fantastical fiction. She is a senior and this fall semester of 2020 is to be her last at UHD. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in secondary education and later to obtain her Master's degree in English. 

2Eriolle Nichole Rios: “Ripple Effects: Birth of a Nation and (Re)Birthing the Notion"

Eriolle Nichole Rios is an English Major at the University of Houston-Downtown. She has an interest in writing and art. Spring 2021 will be her last semester at UHD, and after graduation she hopes to have a career that will focus on the representation of marginalized groups. 

3. Rachel Leigh:  “Film History as Microhistory: A Deeper Look at Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates"

Rachel Leigh is an English major at the University of Houston-Downtown, with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has a special interest in film and how the medium of film can be used to both document and explore issues of human experience and connection. She is currently preparing graduate school applications and will begin an MFA in Film program in Fall 2021.

Session 2: History (12:00-1:30 PM): Moderated by Dr. Theresa Case

4.  Ana Christina Alvarez:  “Immigrants and Settlement Houses"

Ana Cristina Alvarez is a History Major at the University of Houston-Downtown, focusing on Secondary Education Concentration. She is interested in Bilingual and E.S.L. Education that impacts immigrants in our community. She is a junior at UHD and is contemplating earning a minor in Spanish or Spanish-English Professional Translation to assist her in teaching and doing research.

5. Sheryl Sellers: “The Contributions of a 19th-Century Settlement House to the Life of One Russian Immigrant Girl"

Sheryl Sellers is a senior at the University of Houston-Downtown who will graduate in Spring, 2021 with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies and minors in Communication Studies and Marketing. She is the Business Manager and a consistent contributing writer for the Dateline campus newspaper. She has achieved the Dean's List three times and, after graduation, she will seek a career in writing that utilizes her communication and marketing skillsets.

6. Lauren Williams: “President Taft Wasn't Stuck in a Bath….But his Presidency Was"

Lauren Robinson Williams has been teaching for 10 years and is currently a history teacher at Katy ISD.  She is working towards a Master's Certificate in History at University of Houston – Downtown and will be finishing her studies in the Spring of 2021.  After completing her Master's Degree, Lauren plans to earn her PhD in History with a special concentration in United States History.

Session 3:  Spanish (1:30-2:30): Moderated by Dr. Paul Mandell

7Yesy Visuet: “Análisis de la prostitución infantil en “La increíble y triste historia de la Cándida Eréndira y su abuela desalmada" de Gabriel García Márquez"

Yesy E. Visuet is a Spanish major at the University of Houston–Downtown. This is her first year at UHD after receiving her associate degree in business Associate in arts from San Jacinto College. After her studies, she plans to become a teacher for Spanish-speakers.  

8.   Kyle Lee: “Un enfoque natural y metódico para aprender el vocabulario necesario de un segundo lenguaje"

Kyle Lee is a Spanish major and a Spanish–English Translation minor at the University of Houston–Downtown. This is his second semester at UHD after receiving his associate degree at Lone Star College–Montgomery. After his studies, he plans to become an English teacher for Spanish-speakers.

Session 4: Rhetorical Analysis and History (2:30-4:00): Moderated by Dr. Aaron Gillette

9Onyi Udegbunam: “The Death of Utopia: A Rhetorical Analysis of General Ojukwu's Ahiara Declaration"

Onyi Udegbunam is a Communication Studies major at the University of Houston-Downtown. She is fascinated with communication because everything we do as humans is in communication. She is in her last semester at UHD and plans to earn a Master's degree in Psychology from Capella University in order to have her own practice as a sports psychologist.

10.  Victoria Parkin:“Earning America's Trust: An Analysis of  LBJ's 'Let Us Continue' Speech"

Victoria Parkin is a Communication Studies major and Psychology minor at the University of Houston-Downtown. She has one remaining semester before she graduates from UHD. She plans to pursue a career in the production and broadcasting industry as well as continue her work at a local non-profit organization.

11. Timothy Ryan Nealy: “Winning a War without Firing a Shot: The Role of the Higgins Boats in WW II"

Timothy Ryan Nealy is a History major at the University of Houston-Downtown with a concentration in Secondary Education. He has a special interest in Military History, History of the American West, and World War II History. He is a military and law enforcement veteran, and he is currently in his junior year at UHD. Upon graduation, he plans to teach history at the high school.

Closing Remarks and Announcement of Awards for Best Paper

4:00 - 4:30:   Dr. William Nowak, Assistant Chair of the Department of History, Humanities & Languages


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