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Reading the Class Schedule

University of Houston-Downtown students can login to myUHD to view the class schedule, add courses to their shopping cart, and enroll in courses. Students can find course descriptions in the UHD Catalog.

All courses are identified by discipline and number. 

Subject Area - Each discipline area has a specific letter code such as BIOL, CHEM, ENG, MATH, PHYS, POLS, PSY, SOC.

Catalog Number (4-digit) - The first digit of a course number indicates the academic level. Courses in the 1000 series are generally for freshmen, 2000 for sophomores, 3000 for juniors and 4000 for seniors. The 5000 and 6000 series courses are graduate courses. Undergraduates are not allowed to enroll in graduate courses without permission of the academic department which offers the courses. The second digit indicates the number of semester credit hours that the course carries. The third and fourth digits specify a particular course within its discipline.

Class Number - A Class Number is a unique 5-digit number that corresponds to a specific section of a course that has different day/time/professor/modality/location offerings. 


Biology course example

Subject Area BIOL indicates this is a biology course.

Catalog Number 1310 tells us BIOL is more specifically “Human Biology”.

Class Number 21855 is unique to only one specific class offered during the term. There will be several BIOL 1310 courses offered during a given semester. 


Students only need to know the Class Name or the Subject Area and Catalog Number to begin a class search. Searching by Class Number is not required. 

Below are details on how to read the class Schedule for any class search. Download the pdf version on Reading the Class Schedule

Reading the Class Schedule
example of a class schedule

Current course availability - Open, Waitlisted or Closed class.

UHD offers some shorter sessions within full terms. Sessions exist/occur within and are bound by a Term (Fall, Spring and Summer). 

Mini — 3-week courses offered during the Spring and Summer
Five Week-First or Five Week-Second — 5-week courses offered during the Summer
Six Week-First or Six Week-Second — 6-week courses offered during the Summer
Eight Week-First or Eight Week-Second — 8-week courses offered during the Fall and Spring
Regular Academic Session — 16-week courses offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer

Class information — Click on the link(s) under the Class column to view additional details such as enrollment requirements, instruction mode, waitlist total.
Class information and instruction mode

The days and times the course meets during a specific meeting time frame. 

The letters in front of the room number correspond to the building name.
ACAD — Academic Building
CSB — Commerce Street Building
GSB — Girard Street Building
OMB — One Main Street Building (S-south side and N-north side)
STB — Sciences & Technology Building
SSB — Shea Street Building
SLC — Student Life Center
VSG — Vine Street Garage
WSC — Wellness & Success Center
WSPS — Willow Street Pump Station

Course Instructor — Subject to change. When "To Be Announced" is listed, the instructor has not yet been assigned. 

Number of seats available — If the course has a waitlist, the waitlist total will display here.