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Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Enrollment Verifications

The University of Houston-Downtown has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide degree and enrollment verification for current and past semesters. For future or current semesters in progress, verifications will be available after the Official Day of Record for the session/term.
An official NSC enrollment verification contains the following information:  
  • Term start date 
  • Term end date  
  • Enrollment status (part-time, full-time)  
  • Status effective date 
  • Date certified by school (per term) 

​Requesting an Enrollment Verification

To access an official enrollment verification, log in to your myUHD student portal:   
  1. Select the Records & Enrollment tile  
  2. Click on Request Enrollment Verification 
  3. Click on Select Processing Options and select Request Online (the link will direct you to the National Student Clearinghouse) 

Loan Deferment Verifications 

University of Houston-Downtown automatically reports the enrollment status for loan deferment purposes of all currently enrolled students to the National Student Clearinghouse which reports to the Department of Education as well as lenders and guarantors. Since class schedules are not certified until the Official Day of Record for each term, your enrollment status will not be submitted to the National Student Clearinghouse until the day after the Official Day of Record. 

​​Enrollment Verification Availability Dates 

Below are the dates for when enrollment information will be made available online via National Student Clearinghouse: 



Third-Party Verifications

Organizations or individuals who need to verify the enrollment status or degree status of UHD students and alumni may do so through the National Student Clearinghouse by submitting a request through NSC Verification Services​.
University of Houston-Downtown School Code: 003612

Third Party Verification Forms 
If a third-party verification form needs to be completed by the Registrar’s Office (example: anticipated graduation date for potential employer, etc.) or if you need an enrollment verification letter with additional information than what is provided by the National Student Clearinghouse, submit an Enrollment Verification Request form to the Registrar’s Office. 
Please note official enrollment verifications for a future semester or a semester in progress cannot be released until after the Official Day of Record (Census Day) for the session. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.