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Application Activities

Adopted TBL Model │ Readiness Assurance Process │ Application Activities │ Peer Evaluation

Application exercises were designed to increase understanding of course content. Activities required students to use the foundational knowledge acquired during RAP to make decisions and use their judgment and support their answer with reasonable arguments based on the course concepts. These exercises increased group cohesiveness for successful development of learning teams. A variety of methods such as colored cards, Learning Catalytics App, completion of a worksheet were used to have students report their team’s decision at the end of each activity. Most of these application activities followed the principles of a TBL model application exercise.

Check out the links below to view activity packets. 


Protein Folding Activity: Word PDF
Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Plant Growth Activity: Word PDF
Electron Transport Chain (ETC) Theatre: Word PDF

The video below shows the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) Theatre in action.