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OLC Online Teaching Certification Grants

Professional Development Grants for Online Learning Consortium's Online Teaching Certificate Program

For online teaching certification (longer duration courses offered through OLC), the CTLE typically sends out a call for applications in the fall term. There is no rolling online application form for this program. The OLC Certificate Program represents the highest level of certification available to UHD faculty.  

Additionally, you will need to have an online course to edit and work with during the certification process. The basic certification is composed of a 10-week foundational course and 3 workshop electives (with several program dates to choose from). There is also an advanced certification program for those who have taught 3+ years online or completed the basic OLC certification. The advanced certification is composed of a 12-week course (that includes live sessions and a final presentation). The CTLE will cover the registration cost for the full certification ($1,499) and a stipend of $500 upon receipt of the completion certificate. Typically, we have funding to award up to five Professional Development Grants for certification per year. Be on the lookout for an email message in the fall to apply to this program. 

Update: Current call for applications for 2023-2024 has been emailed to all UHD faculty as of 10/4/2023. Applications accepted now until October 27, 2023. Click link to apply

OLC Certificate Wall of Honor
Several UHD faculty have been awarded this professional development grant. Its graduates are at the pinnacle of the university's online teaching and learning champions. Their experience, knowledge, and skills in the realm of online teaching make our institution stand out, not just in Houston, but nationally and internationally.

Basic/Traditional Certification

  • Godwin Agboka, English

  • Ashley Archiopoli, Arts & Communications

  • Yuchou Chang, Computer Science & Engineering

  • Stephanie Coleman, Social Sciences

  • Stacie DeFreitas, Social Sciences

  • Bhagashree Dixit, Natural Sciences

  • Linda Dune, Nursing

  • Cesar Garza, Mathematics & Statistics

  • Song Ge, Nursing

  • Krista Gehring, Criminal Justice & Social Work

  • Jessie George, General Business, Marketing, & Supply Chain Management

  • Antonio Hernandez, Criminal Justice*

  • Rachael Hudspeth, Natural Sciences

  • Jolanta Jaskolowska, Philosophy

  • Sujata Krishna, Natural Sciences

  • John Lane, Urban Education

  • Zahir Latheef, General Business, Marketing, & Supply Chain Management

  • Sarah Mallams, Social Sciences*

  • Laura Mitchell, Urban Education

  • Bridget Mueller, Arts & Communications

  • John Osterman, Social Sciences

  • Xyanthine Parillon, Natural Sciences

  • Reynaldo Romero, History, Humanities, & Languages

  • Kasra Saad Mohammadi, Accounting & International Business*

  • Beth Secor, Arts & Communications

  • Katherine Shoemaker, Mathematics & Statistics*

  • Richard Simonds, Social Work

  • Caroline Smith, Arts & Communications

  • Joseph Ugwu, Criminal Justice & Social Work

  • Julie Vipond-Quesada, History, Humanities, & Languages

  • Dietrich von Biedenfeld, General Business, Marketing, & Supply Chain Management

  • Yingchun Wang, Management & Insurance Risk Management

  • Alexander Wathen, Social Sciences

  • Robert Wawee, Arts & Communications 

  • Ling Xu, Computer Science & Engineering Technology

  • Ting Zhang, Computer Science & Engineering Technology

Advanced Certification

  • Ashley Archiopoli, Arts & Communications

  • Pamela Auburn, Social Sciences

  • Stephanie Babb, Social Sciences

  • Linda Bressler, Accounting

  • Theresa Case, History, Humanities, & Languages*

  • Vaishali Chaubal, Natural Sciences

  • Irene Chen, Urban Education 

  • Raquel Chiquillo, History, Humanities, & Languages

  • Edmund Cueva, History, Humanities, & Languages

  • Renee Edwards, Finance & Management Information Systems

  • Kim Gleason, General Business, Marketing, & Supply Chain Management*

  • Rachael Hudspeth, Natural Sciences*

  • Jolanta Jaskolowska, Philosophy

  • Sujata Krishna, Natural Sciences

  • Zahir Latheef, Management & Insurance Risk Management

  • Meghan Minard, Natural Sciences

  • Bridget Mueller, Arts & Communications

  • Thu Nguyen, Mathematics & Statistics

  • Mary Jo Parker, Natural Sciences

  • Sanghamitra Saha, Natural Sciences

  • Shahnaz Savani, Social Work

  • Dagmar Scharold, English

  • Wayne Schmadeka, English

  • Cindy Stewart, Social Sciences

  • Jorge Tito, Computer Science & Engineering*

  • Joseph Ugwu, Criminal Justice*

  • Jace Valcore, Criminal Justice & Social Work

  • Dietrich von Biedenfeld, General Business, Marketing, & Supply Chain Management

  • Yingchun Wang, Management & Insurance Risk Management

  • Joseph Westfall, History, Humanities, & Languages

  • Marvin Williams, Accounting & International Business

*Grantee in current academic year.