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As a full-time UHD employee, you earn eight hours of sick leave per month. If you are part time, you earn pro-rated sick leave hours based on the percentage of time worked.

Sick leave may be taken when sickness, injury or pregnancy and confinement prevent you from performing your duties or when you are needed to care for a member of your immediate family who is ill. After a period of more than three consecutive days of sick leave, a doctor's note must be submitted to your supervisor before you return to regular duty.

After a period of more than three consecutive days of sick leave, a doctor’s release to return to regular duty must be submitted by the employee to the supervisor before the employee may return to work and be eligible for accumulated sick leave with pay. Additional information on sick leave may be found in the Benefits section of the HR website and in SAM 02.D.01.

As per PS 02.A.01, all employees are required to call their supervisors by no later than one hour following the scheduled starting time to report absence. If the employee is unable to reach the supervisor directly, the employee is required to report to someone within the department and then make personal contact with the supervisor as soon as reasonably possible.


Sick time is not payable upon termination. However, if you separate from state employment under a formal reduction-in-force policy, your sick leave balance is restored if you are re-employed by the state within twelve months of termination. If you move from one state agency to another, you your sick leave balance is transferred to the new agency provided there is no break in service.

In the event of death, your estate will receive payment of one-half of any unused sick leave, not to exceed 336 hours, whichever is less, provided you were continuously employed with the state for at least six months at the time of death.

Extended Sick Leave

If you become disabled, extended sick leave is available to provide continued income during the waiting period before long-term disability benefits begin. You are eligible to apply for extended sick leave even if you are not enrolled in the group long-term disability program. Extended sick leave will not exceed 90 calendar days. In addition to being totally disabled, you must be a long-term employee in good standing with the University to be eligible for extended sick leave with pay.

For more information on Sick Leave or Extended Sick Leave, please review SAM 02.D.01, Vacation and Sick Leave or contact HR's Benefits Team at

Sick Leave Pool

Sick Leave Pool hours come from donations made by UHD employees from their own personal sick leave balance. As benefits-eligible employee, you may apply for benefits from the sick leave pool in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury to you or an immediate family member. For more information on Sick Leave Pool, please review SAM 02.D.02, Sick Leave Pool.

Sick Leave Donation

Employees may voluntarily donate any amount of accrued leave to an eligible UHD employee to be used for a medical emergency. Donations of sick leave are voluntary and may be made at any time during the year and they are irrevocable. For more information on Sick Leave Donation, please review SAM 02.D.09 Sick Leave Donation.