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All benefits-eligible employees, with the exception of faculty on appointments of less than twelve months, are eligible.


After completing six months of continuous employment with the State of Texas, you are eligible to take vacation accrued during this time. Please select vacation dates as far in advance as possible and submit your request to your supervisor for approval.


If you terminate employment at UHD after six months of continuous employment, you will be paid for your accrued vacation hours.

If you transfer between state agencies, your vacation balance is transferred to the new agency. Vacation leave transferred may not exceed UHD maximums.

NOTE: You are responsible for providing HR with written verification of other state employment in order to receive credit at UHD that may increase your accrual rate and add transferable hours to your vacation balance.

Vacation Accrual Schedule

Full-time (100 percent FTE) employees earn vacation hours as follows:

Employees with Total State Employment of... Hours Accrued *Maximum Hours Carried Forward to Next Fiscal Year
less than 2 years 8 180
at least 2 but less than 5 years 9 244
at least 5 but less than 10 years 10 268
at least 10 but less than 15 years 11 292
at least 15 but less than 20 years 13 340
at least 20 but less than 25 years 15 388
at least 25 but less than 30 years 17 436
at least 30 but less than 35 years 19 484
35 or more years of service 21 532


*You are entitled to carry forward from one fiscal year to the next unused accumulated vacation leave, unless it exceeds the maximum allowable hours. All unused accumulated vacation leave not carried forward at the end of a fiscal year is credited to your sick leave balance on the first day of the next fiscal year.

Part-time employees (less than 100 percent FTE) earn pro-rated vacation hours. For more information, please review the Vacation policy.