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Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid is generally awarded based on the fall and spring semesters. In order to receive financial aid for the summer semester, the student must enroll in at least half-time enrollment to receive most type of awards.

Applying for Summer Aid

All students who wish to be awarded financial aid for the summer semester must enroll in summer courses to be picked up for summer awarding. In addition, students must have a completed FAFSA or TASFA for the applicable aid year. Students will need to be in compliance with our Satisfactory Academic Policy. For the best chance at being eligible for summer financial aid, we encourage students to register for summer courses as early as possible.

Summer Financial Aid Awards

Because funds are typically awarded on the basis of fall and spring, UHD generally allows students to use the full allocation of federal financial aid in those semesters. If the student does not use all federal financial aid, such as Pell grant and Direct loans, the awards may be used in the summer semester. 2nd Pell grant awards are available in summer for eligible students enrolled at least half-time and will be automatically awarded.

Eligibility for summer federal loans is dependent on the amount of loans you received during the fall and spring semesters, either at UHD or at other institutions. If you did not borrow the maximum annual eligibility during these terms, you may have eligibility to borrow for summer (depending on other award offers). You may also have additional eligibility if your grade level has changed after the spring semester. For example, if your grade level was sophomore during the spring semester and junior during the summer, you may have additional loan eligibility. Note: You must be registered half-time in the summer before Direct Loan funds will be disbursed to your student account. If you enroll in less than half-time in your first enrollment session and do not enroll during the subsequent enrollment sessions, you are ineligible to receive any loan funds.

Eligibility for other aid will be contingent upon availability of funds.


Summer financial aid awards will be disbursed no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of class. For more information about general disbursement, see disbursements section.

In order to be eligible for Direct loans, students must be enrolled at least half time in any given semester (6 hours for undergraduate students, 4 hours for graduate students). Because the summer semester is divided into several parts of term, the Direct loans will disburse when the student reaches his or her sixth hour of enrollment. For example, if the student is enrolled in one 3-hour course in Summer I, and one 3-hour course in Summer III, the student is eligible for Direct loans, but will not receive a disbursement of those loans until Summer III.