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Transfer Student Financial Aid

Transfer Students
Student financial aid does not directly transfer between colleges. Instead, UHD will recalculate your eligibility based on the information we receive from your FAFSA. The amounts may differ due to UHD’s financial aid policies and availability of funds.

Please note that if you transfer in the middle of the academic year, the amount of federal student aid you received at the previous institution will affect the amount UHD will award you.

Students seeking a degree at another institution but attending UHD for one semester are considered Transient students. Transient students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Transferring to UHD

  1. Apply for financial aid as soon as possible
    • Update your FAFSA application to include UHD. Visit to add our school code. 003612
    • Be sure to update the FAFSA for the appropriate award year. If you are unsure, please contact our office to obtain this information. Completing the incorrect year will cause a delay in processing of your application.
    • Apply for admission and financial aid at the same time however, no financial aid award will be made until you have been admitted as a transfer student to UHD

  1. Cancel your financial aid at the current institution for the semester you plan to attend UHD
    • Request your current institution to cancel your financial aid awards for the semester you will attend UHD
    • Ensure the previous institution cancels all pending and scheduled aid with the Department of Education.
    • If you received student loans at your previous institution, complete their exit-counseling requirement.
    • If your current institution does not cancel funding, UHD cannot award you financial aid. A pending semester award at another school can affect annual award limits and your financial aid eligibility at UHD.

  1. Monitor your UHD gatormail account and student financial aid portal for important notices and information requests
    • The UHD financial aid office will email you via gatormail if we need additional information.
    • You can view your status online at My Financial Aid & Scholarship Info.
    • Submit all requested documentation as soon as possible and ensure all forms are complete.
    • Processing could take up to 3 weeks after completion of your financial aid file depending on the time of year.

  1. Be aware of payment deadlines
    • Monitor the academic calendar for important registration and payment dates.
    • Payments are due regardless of your financial aid status.
    • Become familiar with the alternative payment options available
Important things that are unique to transfer students:
  • You may or may not receive the same type or amount of aid awarded at your previous institution. Financial aid does not transfer from one school to another, but is re-evaluated based on eligibility and availability of funding at UHD.

  • We may award your financial aid before UHD’s Office of Admissions fully evaluates your transcripts. In this case, your loan award may be based on a lower than actual class standing. Once your credits are evaluated, you may request an adjustment to your loan by completing the Revision Request Form.

  • If you received Federal Direct or Federal Perkins Loans at your previous institution, you must complete Exit Loan Counseling at that institution. This will help you understand repayment for your federal student loans, but will not put you in repayment as long as you are enrolled at least half-time at UHD. Check your loan aggregates on and compare your total loans to the Loan Borrowing Limits.

  • An incomplete admissions file will delay the processing of financial aid. Submit your official final academic transcript from your previous institution to UHD Office of Admissions as soon as it is available.

  • If you are admitted and enrolled as a Transient student, you will not receive financial aid.

  • If summer is your first semester at UHD, you will need a year FAFSA on file and meet eligibility requirements.  Most financial aid programs require a minimum of 6 credit hours as an undergraduate student. (Graduate students need 4 credit hours).

  • View UHD’s scholarship page for available scholarships

Transfer Monitoring

The U.S. Department of Education requires students transferring from one institution to another during the same award year complete Transfer Student Monitoring. At UHD we monitor changes on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for all students receiving federal financial aid.

The financial aid office will place a temporary seven (7) day hold on student accounts prior to disbursement. This hold allows time for NSLDS to report any updates to student history and send alerts to the institution. The seven (7) day count will begin the day after we award financial aid. The hold will release automatically after seven days.