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How Financial Aid Applies

Financial aid is designed to help cover direct costs owed to the institution.  Once the student registers for classes, a tuition and fees bill will appear for the semester.  When financial aid disburses, funds will be posted to the bill prior to payment deadline in order to hold students in their classes.  If the student has outstanding requirements or holds, financial aid will not disburse.

If the student fails to complete financial aid requirements or does not make payment arrangements by the appropriate payment deadline, students may have their classes cancelled due to non-payment.

If the student has completed all requirements, financial aid will disburse to the student’s outstanding balance with the university.  If the financial aid award is not enough to cover university charges, the student must make payment arrangements with the Cashiers Office


If there is excess financial aid after tuition and fees were paid, the student may receive a refund from the Student Accounting Office.