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Financial Aid FAQ

Why didn’t my financial aid release?
If your financial aid did not release to pay towards your tuition and fees, it could be for various reasons. One possible reason is you are not in enough enrolled hours to receive the aid awarded. Another possible reason is that you have a hold that is preventing disbursement. It is best to contact our office so we may review your account to determine what prevented your financial aid from disbursing.

Why does the amount of financial aid posted to my account differs from the amount on my Financial Aid Award Letter?
The financial aid awards are based on full-time status. If you enroll in less than full-time status, your financial aid award is reduced and the adjusted amount is based on the hours you are enrolled at the time of disbursement.

What is my status? I submitted all my documents for financial aid but I have not heard back from financial aid.
You must give the financial aid office time to review your documents. If the documents submitted are for verification, normal processing time can be 3 to 4 weeks and during peak time it may be longer. Monitor your status through myUHD or your Gatormail account for updates.

How can I apply my financial aid to pay my balance?
Your financial aid will automatically disburse to pay towards your tuition and fees as long as you have met all requirements for awarding and registered for classes.

If I do the installment plan or the emergency deferment, will my financial aid automatically apply to pay it off?
Yes, if you are awarded financial aid it will automatically apply towards the balance. If there is a remaining balance after your financial aid applies, it will be your responsibility to pay that balance. If you have a remaining credit after your balance is paid, a refund will be generated and issued to you.