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Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing application available to all faculty, staff, and students at UHD. Zoom’s straightforward features are ideal for live synchronous meetings with your whole class, or office hours chats with individual students. Follow the instructions in this document to download, install, and sign in to Zoom.

Download and Install the Client

 1. Start by going to the URL

a screenshot of the Zoom download center

 2. Click the Download button under the Zoom Client for Meetings header.

 3. Locate and open the downloaded ZoomInstaller.exe file

a screenshot of the ZoomInstaller.exe button after downloading

 4. Click Run in the Security Warning dialogue.

a screenshot of the Open File Security Warning with the Run button

 5. The installation will complete in a matter of seconds.

a screenshot of the Installer progress bar

 6. The Zoom client should open automatically.

  • If it doesn’t, search for the Start Zoom application and open it.

Sign In with SSO (Single Sign On)

 1. Click the Sign In button.

a screenshot of the Zoom main screen

 2. Be sure to click the Sign In with SSO button on the right side of the Sign In dialogue.

a screenshot of the Zoom Sign In options

 3. In the company domain field, simply type uhd.

 4. Click Continue

a screenshot of the domain field

 5. Another Security Warning will pop up, but click Yes to continue.

a screenshot of the security warning pop up

 6. Enter your UHD username and password on the following page.

 7. Click Login.

a screenshot of the UHD credentials screen with the Login button

 8. Once signed in the full Zoom client will open.

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