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UHD Network Share (S Drive)

UHD Network Share is a way to access your existing departmental network share (S: Drive) from off campus without having to establish a VPN connection first.

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UHD Network Share (S Drive) FAQs

Who has access to UHD Network Share (S Drive)?
All full time Faculty and Staff have access to UHD Network Share (S Drive).

Can I request access for my student workers or part time staff?
Yes. Please keep in mind that they need access only if they are required to access departmental network shares (S: Drive) from off campus. Please submit the Network Share Access Request Form.

What browsers are supported?
Chrome is the recommended browser, but we also support Edge, IE, Firefox, and Safari.
**Important Note: There are special settings for IE and Safari users that can be found in our Browser Troubleshooting document.

Is training available?
Yes. Please find training documents linked below. You may also request in person training by contacting Technology Learning Services at 713-221-2786.

Can I still access my documents in the usual way from the S: drive on campus?
Yes. Nothing will change with how you access your files or who they are currently shared with. Open your S: drive as you normally would to manage your documents.

Features not available:

  • Searching
  • Versioning
  • Android Mobile App
  • Control of the overwrite feature

Training & Support

Contact Us

UHD IT Service Desk
Location: ACAD 700
Phone: 713-221-8031 (x3000)