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Getting Started in DocuWare

DocuWare is an enterprise content management service. At UHD we use DocuWare to import, scan, and store paper documents into a fully indexed, electronic, web-based portal. DocuWare makes it easy to store and view documents.

Login to DocuWare

     1. Start by going to

a screenshot of the login dialog box

     2. On the Login page, change the account type to Windows account.

Note: Leave the Organization field blank.

     3. Click the Login button.

a screenshot of the account drop down box

     4. If the Authentication required window pops up, enter your UHD Username and Password,                then click Log in.

a screenshot of the authentication required dialog box

DocuWare Environment

     1. Upon logging into DocuWare, you will see a guided tour of the environment.

a screenshot of the guided tour

Note: We strongly recommend taking this guided tour.

If you do not wish to see the tour, uncheck the box labeled “Show this Tutorial again.”

     2. The DocuWare work area is split into two sections (left and right).

a screenshot of the main docuware screen

     3. On the left is the main work area, which includes Document trays (In Fortis: Baskets) and              Searches (In Fortis: Queries).

Here, you will search for documents based on criteria that you enter.

a screenshot of the search window

If you have the correct permissions, you can also Import, Scan, and Store (In Fortis: Index) documents in databases from your Document trays.

     4. On the right is the document viewer.

a screenshot of the document window

Here, you will view documents that appear in your Document Trays and/or Searches.

You can add annotations to documents, but depending on your permissions you may not be able to save your changes or make more substantial edits to index entries.

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