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Chromebooks with Respondus LockDown Browser


When using a Chromebook for a LockDown Browser or Respondus Monitor exam, you will need to install an extension to Google Chrome. This Chrome extension is a "beta" release and is still being tested and it does have limitations.

Please Note: The LockDown Browser Extension is not available for download by going directly to the Chrome Store. You must use the link provided in this document. The download link is unique to UHD. (

Install the Chrome Extension

1. Log into the Chromebook and start Google Chrome.

2. Locate and click the download link for installing LockDown Browser from the Chrome web store. Click the Download button.

orange download button

3. Select “Add to Chrome”.

Add to Chrome from Google store

4. Once the installation is complete close or restart the Chrome browser. 

Installation Confirmation

5. Start Chrome again and log into Canvas.

6. Navigate to the test that requires Respondus LockDown Browser/ Monitor. 

7. Click the title of the test and the Chromebook version of LockDown Browser will automatically launch.

8. Agree to the Respondus Terms of Use.

9. If you are using Respondus Monitor, you will begin a Startup sequence before you access the test.

10. Once you access the test, it will look and behave like any test taken in Blackboard. You will see the LockDown Browser bar across the top. Take the test as you normally would and according to UHD Test Taking Best Practices.

11. Upon test completion, you will see a Respondus message indicating that the test is complete. Click the Continue button to exit LockDown Browser. 

Test Complete. Click Continue

Limitations and known issues with LockDown Browser for Chromebook (beta): 

  • Quiz passwords (specified via the “optional password” field in the LockDown Browser Dashboard) aren’t currently supported. 
  • The Respondus Monitor “optional password” field is supported. This password field allows students to bypass the use of a webcam for exams using Respondus Monitor. 
  • The “Early Exit” feature in LockDown Browser isn’t currently supported 
  • LockDown Browser’s Calculator and Spreadsheet features aren’t currently supported 
  • The extended keyboard functions (for adding symbols and special characters) isn’t currently available 
  • LockDown Browser’s “Help Center” is currently unavailable “Allow access to specific external web domains” option is currently not supported 

More about using Chromebook with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor can be found on the Respondus Website