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Respondus Campus Wide: Retrieve Questions from Blackboard

1. In the Current Personality drop-down, make sure it says “Blackboard.”

2. Click the Retrieval & Reports tab.
Respondus main tab choose to open or create a document select the save format.
3. Click the Retrieve Questions button.
In the fifth tab Retrieval + Reports click on Retrieve questions
4. Choose your Blackboard Server, or add a new one. (See instructions for Adding a Server in Respondus.)

5. Click Next and then enter your Blackboard Username and Password when prompted.

6. From the Choose Course to Retrieve from drop-down menu, select the course you wish to retrieve questions from.

7. Select if you would like to retrieve questions from an Exam, Survey or Pool and then select the correct item from the corresponding drop-down menu.

8. Name the test (you may name it the same thing) and click the Next button.

Choose the course to retrieve an exam, survey or pool of questions from, enter a name of the file and click next.

9. You should receive a pop-up box that says File Saved, and the text field next to Status should be filled. Click OK and then click Finish.

Printing/Saving Retrieved Questions

1. Click the Preview & Publish tab at the top of the screen.

2. Select Print Options.

3. Select the options.

4. Print and/or save the file.
Preview + Publish tab with the exam options, print settings for how to format the print file.

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