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Respondus Campus Wide: Download and Install

Respondus Quiz Builder: Download and Install

1. Contact the Training (713-221-8200) or Blackboard teams (713-221-2786) for access to the
zip file. Click the link and follow the download steps provided by the browser you are using.
Open the zip file.

Unzipping the respondus folder with the installation program and other related information.

2. Click and drag the Respondus4Campus.exe file from the zip folder to the desktop.
Double click the icon.

The extracted folder listing the respondus license, executable file, and pdf guides.

3. Follow the steps to install the program on your computer.

Launching Respondus 4.0 into the entry page.
4. The first time you start Respondus you will be presented with a screen that asks for the
campus licensing information.

The first time you run Respondus Campus wide a License Box will appear to fill in the Institution Name and Local Support info.

5. Return to the Respondus .zip folder and open the document, Respondus4_license.txt.
Copy and paste the information into the corresponding text boxes and then click License.
You can access the license information by opening the text document located within the extracted zip folder.
6. You are now ready to begin using Respondus.

For additional support, visit