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Adding a Server in Respondus

The first time that you use Respondus to Import questions or Retrieve them from Blackboard, you must add a new server. Once you have Imported your questions into Respondus, you will need to add a server to publish the questions to Blackboard.

Publish Questions into Blackboard

1. Click the Preview & Publish tab. (Alternatively, if you are retrieving questions, select Retrieval & Reports).

Select preview and publish tab within Respondus Campus Wide.
2. Click the Publish button at left and click the Publish Wizard button. OR Click Retrieve
Within the tab, select Publish Wizard.
3. Select add new server from the drop-down menu.
In the pop up menu, select "Add new server".
4. An Add New Server Settings dialog-box will pop up. Select the Yes, check for preconfigured server settings option and click Next.
Check the option for "Yes, check for preconfigured server settings".
5. Enter the required settings.
a) The name can be whatever you prefer.  If you teach at other institutions, you may want to specify UHD in the name to differentiate.
b) The ability to enter your login information here is disabled, as UHD uses a SAML based login utililizing your Microsoft O365 account.  You will enter your login information in a subsequent step.
c) Select the Run connection test option and click Next.  

You can enter a Server name, your username and password and save the settings.

You will see message below:

When you click OK, Respondus will open its own version of a browser window which then goes to the Blackboard login page.  If the browser does not open, Respondus may need to run an update.  You will need to have administrator rights for the application to update.

Click the login button and procede to login with your credentials.  Once your login has completed and you can see your course list, you do not need to continue the session.  Click the button at the top labeled Close After Login and the browser window will close.

If the connection was successfully made, you will be able to select courses from your course list and publish tests or pools as needed.

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