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Qualtrics: Getting Started

a screenshot of the Qualtrics logo

Qualtrics is a survey management system available to all university employees at UHD. Use Qualtrics to create custom surveys, schedule delivery of your surveys, and view the results from your audience.
These instructions cover how to login to Qualtrics and how to get started making and deploying surveys.

Logging In

  1. Access the Qualtrics login page at
  2. Enter your username and password where prompted (do not use your Email address, just enter your username.)
  3. a screenshot of the Qualtrics login screen  
  4. If this is your first time logging in, a message will say “This seems to be the first time you are logging in to Qualtrics.”
    Click the buttoned labeled I don’t have a Qualtrics account.
    After logging in, you are taken to the My Surveys tab in the Qualtrics interface, where you can create new surveys or work with existing ones.

a screenshot of the Create a New account button  

The My Surveys Tab

If you have not yet made any surveys in Qualtrics, the My Surveys tab displays the message Click to create your first survey!

Once you have created a survey, there are many available options in My Surveys that let you quickly perform common tasks.

a screenshot of the Survey List on the left and Survey Tasks on the right  

Edit: Add or remove questions to your survey, and change the look and feel. More advanced options include adding logic, so that questions can be included or excluded based on a response to a previous question.

Results: Show the results of a survey. Robust reports are available from Qualtrics. The survey data is also available for downloading in several different formats.

Send: Activate and send your survey.

View: Preview the survey. The preview shows how the survey will look both in a computer’s browser and on a mobile device.

Collaborate: Invite others to work on your survey.

Copy: Create a duplicate of a survey, which can be further edited.

Translate: Create versions of your surveys in different languages. Your audience can then select which language to use.

Delete: Delete a survey you no longer need.

a screenshot of the Survey Tasks area  

For additional support, visit