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Perusall: Downloading Comments & Grades


Perusall allows instructors to download Perusall course content. You may download students' comments from a course assignment, or you may download an individual student's comments:

To download students' comments:

1. From the Perusall course home page, click the Assignments tab at the top, and select an assignment. 

2. Click All Comments

Assignments tab in Persuall

3. Click one of the Download buttons at the bottom.

Downlad all comments as a spreadsheet or as a document

To download all comments by a particular student across the entire course:

1. Navigate to the Students tab on the course home page and select a student.

2. Click Download all annotations.

Download all annotations on the Students tab

To download students' grades:

1. Click on Gradebook 

2. Click the Download button in the upper-right corner of the page. This will download the gradebook as a spreadsheet.

Download grades from the Perusall Gradebook 


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