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Perusall: Creating Assignments

Note: This page and its information is to be completed after reviewing the Getting Started with Perusall documentation and assumes you have added a reading to your Perusall course.

Create the Assignment in Perusall

1. Access the Perusall Course Homepage within your Blackboard course.

Perusall Course Homepage in Blackboard. 

2. Once on the Perusall Course Homepage, click Assignments tab and then Add assignment.

Perusall add assignment button in the top right hand corner

3. In the Content to assign area, select the reading or watching content you would like to added to the assignment.

4. In the Range to assign area, select either Assign all content or select the chapter(s) you would like students to read, and then click Next Step.

Content to assign and the content range

5. Set the submission deadline, assignment name, and any additional instructions for students.

6. Modify, if needed, the assignment visibility, to whom it will be assigned, and select any additional settings.

7. Click Next Step.

8a. If your scoring is different for this individual assignment than the scoring options you have added to the course settings LINK, select Specify custom scoring settings for this assignment and edit your scoring preferences. When you are finished, click Save Changes

8b. If your scoring is the same as the scoring option you have added to the course settings, click Save Changes.

9. Your assignment has been created in Perusall. You will now want to add it to Blackboard.

Add Perusall Assignment to Blackboard

10. While still in Perusall on the Assignment tab, click Copy Full title for LMS.

Important! The Blackboard assignment name must match the assignment name in Perusall.

Important! The Blackboard assignment name must match the assignment name in Perusall. Copy Full title for LMS button in Perusall

11. Return to Blackboard and navigate to the content area where you would like the assignment to appear.

12. Click Build Content and then select Perusall.

13. In the Name area, paste the title of the assignment that was copied from Perusall.

14. Add any additional instructions or attachments in the Description and attachment section.

15. Enable Evaluation and assign the same number of points as the maximum points as in Perusall.

Enable Evaluation in Blackboard

16. Decide if you would like the Grade Center column visible to students

17. Edit any of the other settings on this page and then click Submit.

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