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Panopto: How To Create A Video Assignment

In this documentation, you will learn how a Blackboard assignment becomes a Panopto Video Assignment using the following steps. When you create the assignment, a grading column will appear in the grade center. 


1. Provisioning a Blackboard course for Panopto

Ensure that Panopto has been provisioned to your Blackboard course. For info on provisioning courses with Panopto, click here

2. Assignment Content Area

Go to the assignment content area from your course menu > select Assessments > select Assignment

Click Assessments

3. Assignment Information page

1. Give your assignment a name. In the Instructions section > click the Add Content icon (the circle with a plus sign inside) (Fig. 1) > click Panopto Student Video Submission (Fig. 2). 

Click Name and Add Content

                                                                                                        Figure 1

Select Panopto Student Video Submission

                                                                                                   Figure 2


2. A new window will flash, then disappear and the Instructions section will automatically populate with step by step instructions. 

3. Enter a Due Date, the Points Possible, and the Availability dates. Click Submit to save.

Enter Due Date, Points Possible, and Availability Dates.

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