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Instructions for Booking a Room in LibCal

Multimedia Services manages two conference rooms on the 7th floor of the Academic Building, ACAD 701 and ACAD 700H (previously known as A711). UHD Faculty and Staff may reserve these meeting spaces by contacting Multimedia Services, or by using the LibCal room booking system.

Book a Room Using LibCal

  1. Select the Reserve button for the room you would like to book.
    Room descrription with room-specififc reserve button
  2. Click Go To Date to select the date(s) for your room reservation.

    Room description and Calendar/Time selectors
  3. Select the date from the calendar.
  4. LibCal will pull up the availability of the room for the date you have selected.
  5. Select your meeting start time from the LibCal scheduler.
  6. You will see your meeting time appear below the LibCal scheduler.
  7. Select the drop down menu to the right of your start time to select the end time for your meeting.

    Reservation end time selection drop down menu
  8. You may repeat this process for several bookings.
  9. If you need to remove a booking, simply click the Trash Can icon to the right of the reservation end time.
  10.  Once all of your booking times are correct, select Submit Times.

    Delete a time button and submit times button
  11.  After reviewing the booking and reading the Terms and Conditions, click Continue.
  12.  Fill out the contact form and then click Submit my Booking to submit the reservation request.


Important Note: You will receive an email asking you to verify your booking. You will have 24 hours to respond. The booking will not go to Multimedia Services until the booking has been verified. You will then receive another email stating that the booking has been received by Multimedia Services. The third email will confirm (or deny) your booking.

For additional support, visit