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Attendance in Zoom

This document will cover how to retrieve attendance information from Zoom sessions.

Finding List of Zoom Meeting Participants

  1. To get a list of participants from one of your previous Zoom meetings, first go to and sign in by clicking the SIGN IN link in the upper right corner and entering your regular UHD username and password.
  2. Next select Reports from the sidebar. 
  3. Then click on Usage
    Usage Button.png  
  4. On the Usage page, you'll need to search for your reports by selecting a range of dates no greater than one month apart and pressing the Search button. Please note that Zoom reports can take up to 30 minutes to be generated after a meeting has ended and will not appear before then.
  5. Once you've located the correct meeting, click on the number in the Participants column to view the list of participants who had joined your meeting.

Exporting Zoom Meeting Participants

Once you've pulled up the list of Meeting Participants, you can export the data as a .csv file by clicking the blue Export button. If you need to include meeting data such as the meeting topic, ID, and duration then make sure you have Export with meeting data checked. If you have users appearing multiple times after disconnecting and rejoining your meeting, you can select Show Unique Users to combine any duplicate users.

Export Participants.png