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Student Computer Access

Having access to a reliable computer and internet has become an essential component of your journey as a college student. All classes at UHD require students to access materials in our Blackboard learning system or other learning applications. Faculty in online, hybrid or even face-to-face classes will assign work that requires access to a computer for creating and submitting assignments, taking tests, conducting research, working with classmates, or engaging with the class.
As importantly, if University locations are not available to students for any reason, the online environment becomes a critical pathway for continuing our classes and supporting your goals of completion. Unfortunately, most phones and even some tablets may not provide the level of technology or access that can maximize your success. Therefore, it is essential for every student at UHD to have reliable access to a computer.
We want to help you be successful! Many of you already have reliable computers (and most computers purchased in the past few years should meet the minimum expectations to do your work), and some of you have access to computers at work, home, or local libraries. However, there are ways that you can get access to a computer through UHD. We encourage you to consider these options and review the FAQs below for more details.


  1. Use Campus Computer Labs: When the campus is open, UHD students can access computers in open labs in all of our buildings as well as the UHD library and UHD Northwest and Kingwood campuses. Please check the computer lab and library websites for updated hours.

  2. Purchase a Pre-Owned Computer from the UHD surplus store for under $150 dollars. These computers have been inspected by UHD technicians, confirmed to be in excellent working order, and meet requirement for use by students. Please see our surplus store website for details.

  3. Look for Educational Discounts with technology providers—UHD students may be eligible for discounted pricing from a variety of hardware and software vendors. Please see our Computer and Software Discounts website resource for students, faculty, and staff regarding these options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the minimum requirements for my computer so I can be successful at UHD?
Our IT department website offers specific recommendations.

Can I use my existing device?
If you have purchased your computer within the past few years, you should be able to use it effectively (see FAQ on computer requirements).

However, some tablets and phones will not work well with our online learning tools for engagement, especially for assignment submission and testing. That is why it is important for you to have reliable access to a full computer with recommended technology.

If you have questions about your specific equipment, please review our IT Student Technology Recommendation website or contact our UHD IT support center to identify possible solutions.

Do all majors have the same technology requirements?
Some programs or courses may require additional technology or software. This information should appear on the syllabus for each course. You can contact the instructor or department for information about possible requirements before you register for the course.

What if I can’t afford a new computer?
When the campus is open, UHD offers on-campus computer resources available to students via our computer labs and library.

UHD does offer low-cost pre-owned computers. Please see our IT Surplus Store website.

Who do I contact for questions about device requirements or check my current device for compliance?
Please see our IT Student Technology Recommendation website for information on recommended hardware and software as well as information on how to find out your own current device specifications.

Can I get financial aid to buy a computer?
While UHD does not provide financial aid specifically for computer purchases, you may choose to use financial aid for this purpose if allowed by the package you receive.
Also, please consider our low-cost computer purchase options and make every effort to take advantage of on-campus computer resources available to students.