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Financing and Funding

Financing and Funding

The Office of Study Abroad is committed to making study abroad accessible for all students. Your support systems include Financial Aid, Veterans & the G.I. Bill, National Scholarships, and the Travel Award Scholarship.

The cost to study abroad varies depending on the type, length, and location of the program. This section outlines many of the financial considerations to keep in mind when planning a study abroad experience. Estimated costs and fees for programs can be found on the brochure page in the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

Program Costs

UHD Faculty-Led Programs

Students pay regular, per credit tuition for the UHD study abroad course in addition to paying the program cost which typically includes but is not limited to airfare, lodging, entrance fees and tours, ground transportation, and group meals. Students must also budget for passport or visa fees, immunizations, and personal spending money. Financial aid and study abroad scholarships may be applied toward faculty-led programs.

Partner University | Exchange Program

Students pay regular UHD tuition regardless of the location and budget for the required full-time tuition cost, that is 12 credit hours. Housing is paid directly to the host university or housing provider, and meal plans are arranged by them. Therefore, the housing and meal costs will vary depending on the location of the host university. Students must also budget for travel, ground transportation, books and supplies, passport or visa fees, immunizations, and personal spending money. Financial aid and scholarships may be applied to exchange programs.

Affiliate | Third-Party Programs

Students pay program costs directly to the program provider. This means that costs can vary dramatically, with some being more expensive than faculty-led or exchange programs. Program fees vary but most affiliate programs charge a comprehensive fee including tuition, housing, and food. Visit the affiliate’s website for detailed information. Financial aid and study abroad scholarships may be applied toward affiliate programs.


The Office of Study Abroad does not want cost to prevent you from studying abroad. Check out the ways to fund your academic adventure!

UHD Travel Award Scholarship

UHD students pay an international fee that is collected each academic term. By virtue of this fee, students may apply for support for any study abroad opportunity that results in academic credit toward an academic program at UHD. Travel award recipients agree to contribute to the Office of Study Abroad a personal project that aims to bring about awareness of programs and promotes international education. Student will consult with the Associate Director prior to departing and prepare these projects within one month of the program end date.

The following requirements will determine eligibility:

  1. Students must have a minimum GPA of:
    • 5 for Exchange Program
    • 0 for Faculty-Led Programs
    • 0 for Graduate Students
  1. Students must have completed 12 hours at UHD at the time of application (9 hours for graduate students).
  2. Students must be enrolled at UHD for a minimum of three hours for the term abroad.
  3. Students must receive academic credit for the study abroad course or program.
  4. Students must participate in a UHD-approved program.
  5. Students who are traveling to a country where there is a U.S. State Department travel warning are not eligible to receive the award. Regions within travel warning countries that are specifically noted as not being subject to the warning will be considered.
  6. Students who require a visa for travel must show proof of timely visa application prior to the award disbursement.
  7. Students must clear any holds on their student accounts prior to award disbursement.
  8. International students may not use the travel award to travel to their home country.

National Scholarships

Boren Scholarships

Bridging Scholarships

Diversity/Abroad .com Scholarships

Fund for Education Abroad

Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad

GO Overseas Scholarships

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Creative Funding


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