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Credit Abroad

Credit Abroad

Students studying abroad for a semester must be enrolled full time, 12 UHD credit hours. Students enrolling in another university by exchange or a study abroad program will receive transfer credits. Courses taken at a UHD partner school count as institutional credit upon return and will be included in the computation of the grade point average. Credits accepted for transfer from another institution are shown only as credit hours and are not calculated in the grade point average.

To ensure appropriate transfer of credit, students studying abroad must complete a Course Approval Form. All students studying abroad for a summer, semester, or academic year must complete the form. The form lists the courses you plan to take abroad and the corresponding UHD equivalent as approved by UHD departments and the dean’s office. Course approvals should be completed after you apply and prior to your departure.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Review the list of courses offered at your host university and find the courses you are interested in taking. Select several back-up courses in addition to your top choices because courses may reach capacity or you may need to change your schedule after arrival. For example, a student who must take the equivalent of 12 hours in a semester should get 15 - 21 hours approved, in case of schedule changes.
  2. Work with your academic advisor and the representative in the academic department or college from which you are requesting credit to approve courses for major, minor, and/or elective credit. You may contact the appropriate signatory by email to request evaluation of the course(s) you’ve selected to take abroad. See email template below for a sample course approval request.
  3. You must submit a syllabus (in English or translated into English) for each course to be reviewed.
  4. After you have received departmental approval for all your planned abroad courses and your academic advisor has signed off on the form it is then ready to be submitted to your Study Abroad Portal application. In addition to uploading the form to the portal, email a copy to the Office of Study Abroad at

Email Example

Dear Professor:

I am planning to study abroad at _____________(name of university or third-party provider program) during the _________(term, year). I would like to take the following course which requires departmental approval: ________ (Course Title).

Please see the attached course syllabus/description and let me know if this course is equivalent to the UHD course listed on the Course Approval Form, also attached here. Thank you for your review and consideration.

Your Name