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M.A. in Nonprofit Management Degree Sheet



The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management (MNPM) is a multidisciplinary program that prepares recent college graduates as well as mid- and senior-level administrators to manage and lead nonprofit organizations of all types.

About the Program

The UHD Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management focuses on evaluation, assessment and strategic planning; entrepreneurship; program management; fundraising, revenue generation and grant writing; human resources; marketing and social media; law and ethics; and leadership – board development and team building.

The program was designed by leaders of Houston’s most prominent nonprofit organizations and UHD faculty from multiple disciplines, including Political Science, English, Arts and Humanities, and Business. Each of the courses provide students with hands-on experiences in practicing newly learned skills.

Our degree program, which is completely online, is ranked 5th in the nation in academics and ranked 2nd in affordability.

Graduates of the program will learn to:

  • Evaluate a nonprofit organization’s status on leadership and team building; report their findings; and initiate effective interventions to alleviate shortcomings in those areas.
  • Organize and articulate ways to improve productivity from that assessment.
  • Articulate expected outcomes for an organization; create a strategic plan to assess those outcomes; implement the assessment; draw conclusions from the analysis; and make effective analysis based adjustments to significantly enhance efficiency in the organization.
  • Create, implement, and plan data and research driven strategies for recruiting and fundraising.
  • Apply and implement employment law, recruiting and hiring practices, diversity in the workplace goals, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, and discipline.
  • Analyze budgeting and accounting documents, and make organizational decisions based on said documents.
  • Effectively manage within a nonprofit organization.

The MNPM program requires a minimum of 36 hours, comprised of:

  • 18 hours of core classes
  • 12 hours of elective courses
  • 6 hour internship project

Career Options

The program is not geared toward a specific type of nonprofit organization. Graduates have garnered professional careers in all types of nonprofit organizations, including those specializing in religion, health, education, arts and theater, veterans services, advocacy, and help for the undeserved.

Graduates of the program have the ability to take on a host of leadership and management roles in nonprofit organizations. Several graduates have become CEOs of successful nonprofit organizations.

Note:  Students are required to complete 36 hours of coursework while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. Full-time students (students who take 3 courses per full semester) should expect to complete the program within two (2) years.

Admission and Application Information

For application materials list, application deadlines, and admission information visit the MANPM Admissions page.

  • Submit an application 
  • Pay the $35 application fee
  • Request/submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended to the email or mailing address above (including community college work and prior graduate work).
  • Provide a professional/personal resume
  • Provide a personal statement of 1,000 words or less in response to this prompt: Describe your experiences in the nonprofit sector and explain how those experiences have prepared you to succeed in nonprofit management.
  • Provide the names and email contact information for two recommenders in the application.
    • Your recommenders/references should be individuals with knowledge of your work and who are able to address your academic potential such as former professors, work supervisors, or professional colleagues.
    • Your recommenders will be contacted and provide their recommendations directly into the application system. Please make sure you have accurate email addresses for both recommenders.
  • Provide TOEFL scores of 550 with section scores of 50 or higher (if a graduate of a university in which English is not the native language).

Median Salary

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average salary:

  • Fundraising Manager: $127,690 
  • Executive Leader: $104,700
  • Training & Development Manager: $108,250


Earn Your Degree

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