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2017 United Kingdom Trip​

May 15 - 28, 2017

Photograph of the city of Edinburgh, ScotlandExpand your horizons intellectually and experientially through first-hand engagement with artifacts, sites, history, culture, and cultural settings that contribute to students’ knowledge of communication, culture and history, as well as art and architecture, related to elements studied in the UHD classroom prior to travel to the UK.  Students will also have opportunities to develop a sense of themselves as part of a larger, global community.

Penny Lane street sign in Liverpool, EnglandThe students will visit key cultural sites in and around London (e.g., British Museum, British Library, Tower of London, Stonehenge, etc.) and Visit Parliament (watch debate(s) and committee hearings taking place in the House of Commons and House of Lords).

Travel to Scotland, Edinburgh (e.g, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House Palace, National Museum of Scotland, etc.). Visit Scottish Parliament: and travel to Liverpool, England experiencing cultural icons, and a history that has shaped the world.  

Travel Scholarships Available

Photograph of part of the structure of Stonehenge in England Courses:
COMM 2307: Intercultural Communication
Michael R. Wilson

HIST 3333: Antislavery Movements
Dr. David Ryden

HUM 2301: Fundamentals of Western Culture I
Dr. Edmund Cueva


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