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Social Sciences Internship Information

Internship Process for SOS 4380, PSY 4380, HEA 4380

1. Determine your eligibility for internship

In order to qualify for enrollment in the course, you must:

  • have completed at least 60 credit hours
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 or above
  • have the approval of the internship coordinator

2. Determine potential internship sites

  • Step 1: Think of the experience you hope to have, the knowledge you hope to gain, and the setting (mission, purpose, or client population) in which you would like to work.
  • Step 2: Visit the Internship Marketplace. Discuss organizations with the internship coordinator, students, or faculty in your field. Political science interns are encouraged to discuss internship possibilities with Dr. Branham before searching for an office. (You may also consider sites that are not included in the Internship Marketplace; these must be pre-approved by Dr. Crone, Dr. Branham or Dr. Roncancio.)
  • Step 3: Contact several organizations and arrange an interview.

3. Select Internship

  • Step 1: Based upon the site representative’s and your assessment of your mutual suitability in your interview, discuss details of the internship (including, but not limited to, the days and hours you will be working, the experiences you hope to have, dress code, policy and procedures for absenteeism, and job responsibilities).
  • Step 2: Complete internship description (on Field Experience application (pdf) with site supervisor and have site supervisor sign and provide their contact information.
  • NOTE: You may not perform an internship at a site in which any family member is the employer. You may not perform an internship at your place of employment or doing the same work for which you are presently employed. You may not perform an internship at a place where you would have a dual relationship (such as your place of worship).

4. Turn in UHD required paperwork

Turn in the following required paperwork as a complete packet to the appropriate internship coordinator: Typically, psychology majors will be in Dr. Crone's class, HBS majors will be in Dr. Roncancio's class and all other majors will be in Dr. Branham’s class.

  • a. Field Experience application. Your correct email address must be included on this form (and must be legible).
  • b.  One copy of UHD transcript (you retrieve from your e-services account) 
  • c. A copy of your resume

NOTE: You must turn in the required paperwork prior to the first day of the semester. Absolutely no paperwork will be accepted after the first day of class.

5. Await approval notification

The internship coordinator will apprise you by email of your eligibility to enroll for the course. You may NOT begin the internship or enroll in the internship class without the internship coordinator’s approval.

6. Enroll

Upon notification from Dr. Crone, Dr. Roncancio or Dr. Branham, you may officially enroll in the course and start your hours.

7. Complete internship responsibilities

  • Complete 120 field hours , documented and signed off by your site supervisor.
  • Other assignments as outlined in the syllabus

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Internship Marketplace

Internship Coordinators

Psychology Internship Coordinator
Travis Crone, Ph.D.
N1074, 713-221-8995

HBS Internship Coordinator
Angelica Roncancio, Ph.D.
N1084, 713-221-8676

Internship Coordinator All Other Degrees

David Branham, Ph.D.
N1077, 713-221-8208

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