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Forms for Social Sciences Internships

Internship and Special Forms for Social Sciences

Information to to assist the student in registering for an internship, special project, or directed study. If you choose an internship, you will need to select an organization and receive approval from both your internship coordinator and the organization before officially registering in the course. You can go to the Internship Marketplace for a list of possible internship organizations. If you decide to do either a special project or directed study, you will work with a faculty member in your discipline or area of interest. You must receive approval from your faculty supervisor in order to register for their course. Because of the nature of these courses (mentorship and supervision), space can be limited, so be sure to talk to your faculty member as soon as possible. Access more information about these different options and to get the necessary paperwork to enroll in these courses.

Special Courses: Field Experience and Special Projects

HEA 4380, PSY 4380, & SOS 4380 Internship/Field Experience Program Procedures 

SOS 3399/4399 & PSY 3399/4399: Directed Studies 

HEA 4301, SOS 4301 & PSY 4301: Special Projects 

Internship Coordinators

Psychology Internship Coordinator
Travis Crone, Ph.D.,
N1074, 713-221-8995,

Health and Behavioral Sciences Coordinator
Angelica Ronconcio, Ph.D.
N1084, 713-221-8676

Internship Coordinator for
All Other Social Sciences Degrees

David Branham, Ph.D.
N-1066, 713-221-8208

Internship Highlight

Do you want a meaningful, interesting internship experience with people who really need your help? Please consider one of the internships listed under the Geriatrics/Older Adults category on the Internship Marketplace. Older adults constitute a chronically under served population in Houston and around the country. Make your internship count in the life of an older person!

Your fellow students who worked with older adults state:

"The internship encouraged me to be a better listener and be passionate about what I'm doing."

"I was there to help support people when they did not have family close by."

"I visited the nursing home today. I was determined to put my social skills that I learned from psychology and my clerical skills to use. I met with my patient today. I went over her likes and dislikes with her. We both enjoyed the company. The nurse had told me previously that this patient did not want to eat. Well, she ate with me and expressed an interest in going out to play bingo and get her nails painted. I felt like I have broken through to the patient and now feel a sense of worth, like I am wanted here or that I belong here. It was then that I decided to do more nursing home visits…"

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