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Track 1: Post-Pandemic Pedagogy

Keynote Workshop:  FRIDAY OCT. 1 | 2:30 - 4:00 PM 

The Science of Learning and Why It Matters for Post-Pandemic Teaching 

Recent intersections between anthropology, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and educational research have yielded important findings about the ways in which students learn most effectively. This interactive workshop explores the biology of learning and how it can help us to engage students in synchronous, hybrid, and hyflex environments. 



DR. JOSH EYLER | University of Mississippi 

Josh Eyler is Director of Faculty Development and Director of the Thinkforward Quality Enhancement Plan at the University of Mississippi, where he is also on the faculty in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. He previously worked on teaching and learning initiatives at Columbus State University, George Mason University, and Rice University. His research interests include the biological basis of learning, evidence-based pedagogy, and disability studies, and he is the author of How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories Behind Effective College Teaching (WVU, 2018). 

Doctor Josh Eyler




Track 2: Inclusive Pedagogy 

Keynote Workshop: FRIDAY OCT. 22 | 2:30 - 4:00 PM 

Inclusive Teaching through Active Learning  

Join Dr. Kelly Hogan and Dr. Viji Sathy for this online, interactive workshop on inclusive teaching. The session will highlight the need for high course structure and model techniques designed to elicit equity in both online and face to face courses. 


Workshop Objectives: 

  • Explain the inequities that arise in an unstructured learning environment. 

  • Describe techniques that add structure and equity to a classroom. 

  • Brainstorm ways to reduce the inequities in your own course 



DR. KELLY HOGAN & DR. VIJI SATHY | University of North Carolina 

 Dr. Kelly Hogan and Dr. Viji Sathy are both award winning instructors with a combined 25+ years in the classroom at the University of North Carolina. They are passionate about student success, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. They have expertise with inclusive techniques and active learning in any size crowd (online and face to face), because both teach courses routinely with hundreds of students. On their campus, they lead innovative classroom and diversity administrative initiatives that benefit all students, faculty, and staff. Both are leading the campus in curriculum reforms, bringing course-based undergraduate research experiences and makerspace courses to all disciplines. Kelly and Viji have shared their work with faculty through hands-on workshops at numerous types of institutions. Both are featured experts in ACUE’s Course on Teaching Effectiveness, have been active in the scholarship of teaching and learning in their respective disciplines of biology and statistics, and their work has been featured in a number of national publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times. They are currently writing a book together.

Dr. Hogan and Dr. Sathy 


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