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02 Personnel

A - General Personnel

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Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
02.A.01 Policy on Working Hours 02/18/22
02.A.02 Employee Time Reporting 02/17/23
02.A.03 Nepotism Policy 04/20/23
02.A.04 Consulting and Paid Professional Service Rescinded
02.A.05 Additional Compensation for Faculty and Exempt Staff 06/29/23
02.A.06 Voluntary Modification of Employment 09/01/23
02.A.07 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Policy Rescinded
SAM 02.D.01 Vacation and Sick Leave 05/27/21
02.A.09 Miscellaneous Leave Policy 02/01/19
SAM 02.D.02 Sick Leave Pool 11/30/21
02.A.11 Family and Medical Leave Policy 04/20/23
02.A.12 Employee Fringe Benefits Policy 04/20/23
02.A.13 Leave Without Pay Policy 04/20/23
SAM 02.E.02 Perquisites 10/18/21
SAM 01.D.08 Sexual Misconduct Policy 09/01/21
02.A.16 Motor Vehicle Record Evaluation Policy 04/20/23
02.A.17 Security-Sensitive Positions Policy 04/20/23
02.A.18 Return to Work Policy for On-the-Job Injuries Policy 04/20/23
02.A.19 Access to and Maintenance of Personnel Files 04/10/20 (Reaffirmed 02/17/23)
02.A.20 Affirmative Action Policy 02/17/23
02.A.21 Equal Opportunity Policy 02/17/23
02.A.22 Separation Clearance Guidelines 04/20/23
02.A.23 Employees and Independent Contractors 04/20/23
02.A.24 Moving and Relocation Expenses Policy See PS 05.A.25 Reassigned 05/10/18
02.A.25 Workers' Compensation 02/17/23
02.A.26 Staff Service Awards 05/26/23
02.A.27 Parental Leave Policy 02/17/23
02.A.28 Workplace Lactation 02/15/21
02.A.29 Campus Anti-Violence Policy 04/10/20
SAM 01.D.10 Consensual Relationship Policy 02/20/19

B - Staff

Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
02.B.01 Staff Grievance Policy 08/08/22
02.B.02 Professional Staff Employment PolicySee PS 02.B.14 Rescinded
02.B.03 Discipline and Dismissal of Regular Staff Employees Policy 02/21/20
SAM 02.D.01 Vacation and Sick Leave 05/27/21
02.B.05 Non-Exempt Staff Employment PolicySee PS 02.B.14 Rescinded
02.B.06 Staff Performance Evaluation Policy 04/10/20
02.B.07 Administrative Staff Evaluation Policy See PS 02.B.06 Rescinded
02.B.08 Staff Salary Compensation Program and Salary Guidelines 06/29/23
SAM 01.D.07 Anti-Discrimination Policy 06/09/22
SAM 02.E.09 Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for Employees With Disabilities 11/11/2021
SAM 02.A.18 Probationary Period for Regular Staff Employees 01/29/20
02.B.10 The Americans with Disabilities Act Policy 02/15/21
02.B.12 Staff Training and Development Policy 04/20/23
02.B.13 Employee Wellness Program Policy 09/06/19
02.B.14 Recruitment and Employment Policy 04/20/23
02.B.15 Animals on Campus 06/14/19
02.B.16 Staff Attendance and Punctuality Policy 06/26/19
02.B.17 Alternative Work Arrangements Policy 06/29/23
02.B.18 Staff Ombuds Policy 06/29/23
SAM 02.A.29 Conflict of Interest 10/07/21
SAM 02.A.29 Ethical Conduct of Employees 5/27/21