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06 Grant Administration

Please note: UHD's policy webpages were recently reorganized within UHD's website. Because of this reorganization, some links in policy PDFs may not work as expected. Please consult the corresponding policy webpage to find the most up-to-date links. We welcome you to contact for additional support. 

Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
06.A.01 Debarment and Suspension Policy 11/30/21
06.A.02 Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Policy 11/30/21
06.A.03 Standards of Conduct in Government-Sponsored Research 11/30/21
06.A.04 Procurement Integrity Policy 11/30/21
06.A.05 Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Policy 11/30/21
06.A.06 Guidelines for the Administration of Sponsored Research 11/30/21
06.A.07 Ethical Conduct in Research and Government-Sponsored Activities 02/12/20
06.A.08 Organized Research and Creative Activities (ORCA) Program 06/14/21
06.A.09 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research & Scholarship (Interim) 11/30/21